Four Tips For Building A Dog-Friendly Garden

  • 09/02/2020

dog-friendly-garden.jpgWe all know our dogs need access to a safe, secure, and stimulating outdoor space. But if you're a keen gardener as well as a dog-lover, it can be challenging to design a garden that works for you as well as your canine friend.

Are you wondering how to turn your garden into somewhere both you and your dog can enjoy together? This post will explain some of the ways you can create a beautiful, functional, and, above all, dog-friendly space.

Clear Your Lawn

Pebbled gardens - where homeowners replace their lawn with gravel or flint - are an increasingly popular design choice. However, grass is the safest option for our dogs.

Not only is grass more comfortable under their paws, but it's also much easier for them to run around on without the risk of cutting their pads (which can leave dogs susceptible to infections such as tetanus) or losing their balance.

If you own one of the world's fastest dog breeds, it's especially critical to keep the centre of your lawn clear from items such as garden furniture, clothing lines, and heavy plant pots. Depending on the size of your garden, your dog could reach top speeds of up to 45 miles per hour! Leave them room to run free, and it'll be like having your very own private dog park.

Plant Non-Toxic Flowers and Shrubs

Daffodils, azaleas, wild cherry trees: They might be beautiful additions to our gardens, but did you know they can be seriously toxic to dogs?

They're not alone. According to the Dogs Trust, there are hundreds of trees, shrubs, and flowers that can harm our beloved animals - causing vomiting, seizures, and even death.

If you like to fill your garden with colour but want to ensure your borders and pots are dog-friendly, look out for non-toxic plants. Daisies, marigolds, roses, sunflowers, purple basil, and violets are just some of the excellent options that will turn your garden into a colourful oasis without endangering your pet.

Secure Your Borders 

So, you've made sure your garden fence is sturdy, reliable, and tall enough that your dog won't be able to scale it (ideally over 6 ft - even medium-sized dogs can jump surprisingly high!). But what about your borders?

Many dogs can dig under fences if the ground is chalky or loose, leaving them able to escape. With 1 in 10 Irish motorists admitting to having hit an animal with their car in the past five years, this is especially dangerous if you live near a busy road.

Make sure the borders of your garden are secure and, if your pet is particularly fond of digging, consider buying it a sandpit! It might sound ridiculous, but a sandpit will satisfy your dog's urge to dig and save your borders from meddling paws.

Provide Lots of Shade

Humans aren't the only animals who can get heatstroke in hot weather. Dogs, with their thick fur and relative lack of sweat glands (they only sweat through their paws and around their nose), can find it hard to cope with high temperatures. They are extremely susceptible to heatstroke.

By incorporating shaded areas into your garden, you can help protect your dog and yourself from the sun. Whether it's planting non-toxic shade trees, building your dog a kennel, or putting up a fabric canopy, make sure your dog always has somewhere cool to relax and access to fresh water.

Want to build a garden your dog can enjoy? Try these tips for an outdoor space that will keep your dog safe, stimulated, and happy.

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