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Dogs & Puppies Owners Guide For Buying Quality Dog Products

  • 25/04/2020
best-dog-collars.pngThere is no saying truer than that of a dog loving its owner unconditionally. No matter the time of day, how they might be feeling or any situation we are going through, seeing their little faces with tongues hanging out makes your day.

Those melting eyes glaring into your soul and heart, the love pouring out from them, now if only our halves were so enduring….we’ll have to work on them. Thankfully dogs and puppies come with it built-in else it really would be an effort at the end of the day.

Nothing shows love like a furry face coming to lick your cheeks and cuddle in your neck on the sofa, doggy breath heating you up and the soft beating of their little puppy hearts. It’s a feeling dog owners have come to live with and certainly can’t live without. We spoil them guilt-free and wish they could be around forever.

Treating your pup to toys and a good life

Even though I have kids and they have everything they can imagine, well to survive at least because I’m sure there are plenty of unnecessary items they’ll want but not need, I still see something nice at the shop and buy it for them.

Life is too short to say ‘next time,’ or ‘maybe another day,’ that day may never arrive – touch wood – and you can’t take any financial savings with you to heaven. I don’t mean go overboard that they can’t look left or right without getting dizzy for all the gifts, but a treat now and then is nice. The lit-up face makes it all worth it.

And for my friend, who has no children but does have the world’s best dog, she is the same. We’ll shop together and it’s hilarious because I have bags of kids’ clothes and she has a load of doggy toys. To be fair the kids love buying new toys for her dog, just to run around the garden with him tugging and pulling and wrestling of course.

Which toys are best?

This can be tricky and is ultimately determined by the type of dog you have and its’ personality. You want something that is going to entertain him of course, keep his attention, otherwise it’ll be left to the side after a day. A product that can stimulate him mentally, and then physically for definite, because endless running is boring even for dogs.

The main advice I’d have to give is to look for a toy that has endurance, I say this with the first-hand experience of buying for looks rather than function, and regretting it the minute he played with it. I’m sure the look he gave me was one of being unimpressed. I don’t blame him.

Now I’m looking for longevity, not necessarily the latest on the markets. If you’re looking for quality products to see that slobbery smile on your dogs’ face as he greets you at the door after work, check out Products review for the ones that are tried and tested and sure to have you rolling on the floor playing in no time.

5 Features to look for in a dog toy.

  • Size & Texture. It may be an adult already but the size is still the same, take into consideration that a smaller dog would need some give when chewing and biting things, similarly a larger dog can’t have something to soft or it’ll break into tiny pieces and risk choking. 
  • Age. Going through the growing stages is the same as with babies, giving them age-appropriate toys as they develop. Take regard of dogs’ teeth, pups need softer toys for their baby teeth progressing to firmer and then harder balls, etc. as they reach adulthood. 
  • Treat filled. I don’t know a dog who doesn’t love these, fill a hard rubber tube toy with tasty treats, and he’ll be over the moon. Challenging in working out how to get to the treats, physically in playing with the tube, it’s a win-win. 
  • Tugs. These can be a thick piece of leather or rope with knots in, dogs love a game of tug-of-war. Be sure to get something sturdy as strings or loose ends can get chewed off and stuck in their throats.
  • Balls. The ultimate and cheapest option available to everyone, and always a crowd-pleaser. Check the fibers and materials before purchasing to see if they’re appropriate and enjoy a lovely stroll in the park playing fetch.

Listen to some handy advice from a vet on dog toys before considering what to buy, things we thought were ok, ended up not being that safe.

Dog Lifestyle

While it may be all good and well treating your pet with the toys and gear, looking after them health-wise is just as, if not the most, important. Their well-being is vital to maintaining a good level of energy and keeping physically fit. Same as us they need vitamins and minerals and a nutritiously full diet.

There are many products on the shelves so be sure to do some research on the products and that they are suitable for your pet. Omega 3 rich foods are always great and becoming more popular are those containing coconut oils.

If you’re an arts and crafts mom like myself or a person who enjoys being in the kitchen then why not try out some recipes with your own twist. Making homemade treats and doggy biscuits with all the goodness hidden in them and they won’t be the wiser. Plus you can try out those new doggy treat molds you’ve been keeping in the back of the cupboard just for this moment.

No matter which side of the coin you are, or where in the journey of owning a dog you might be, the fact is you have chosen to take care of, house and look after a furry friend. For that, I have no doubt you will be showered with endless love.

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