Dog Owners Can Have Clean Houses Too

  • 08/05/2019

Keeping your house clean with a resident dog can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Most canine parents combat hair, mud, and unwanted stenches (we're looking at you, Pepe Le Pew!) on a daily basis. While you can't stop dogs from being dogs - who would? You can implement certain strategies to help maintain a clean living environment.

A Brush a Day Keeps the Hair at Bay

Regular grooming is essential for both your dog's health and your house's. Proper brushing helps to remove dead hair, skin, potential parasites, and dandruff from your dog's fur. When brushing, be sure to move against the grain first so that you can gain access to more than just the top layer. Be gentle when brushing their face and underbelly—these are the vulnerable, sensitive areas.

Use the Right Vacuum

“Right” does not always have to mean more expensive. When it comes to pet hair, you need a vacuum with high suction power, and a HEPA air filter. These filters are designed to trap allergens, a particularly useful feature if you ever plan to entertain guests that seem to always be two sneezes away from breaking the world record when they enter your house. Furthermore, it is preferable that you have the option to disable the vacuum's brush roll. That way, you won't be blowing the hair around as much. In addition to carpets, be sure to vacuum your dog's favourite spots, especially dog beds & couches.

Furniture & Hard-Wood Surfaces

On hardwood floors, shelves, and other surfaces use an electric mop or a pair of damp gloves to collect dog hair.  Water will make the hair stick to your weapon of choice. Just as you would rinse a razor in-between shaving strokes, wash your mop and/or gloves, too.

Stop Mud in its Tracks

Trimming the fur around your dog's paws will reduce the amount of mud and dirt that stick to them. Since Fido’s paws are his shoes, you can't make him take them off when entering, but you can wipe them down for him. Keep a bucket of warm water and a clean white cloth by the entrance; dip your dog's paws in the water, wipe them dry, and let him go on his merry way.  

Act on Urine Stains Quickly

Urine is probably the most common - and most annoying - stain that dog owners have to endure. If your canine friend decides to go potty in the comfort of your home, don't get upset; just get to work. If it happens on your carpet, grab a clean, white cloth, and a mixture of warm water and dish soap. Blot (don't rub!) the affected area. If the stain is fresh, it will come out, so keep at it. After you are done, coat the crime scene with baking soda to absorb any lingering odours. If this happens on your hard-wood floor, you can soak it up quickly with a paper towel, and then get the mop. Don't throw away that doggy urine! Instead, take the opportunity to lead your dog outside and show him where his business is meant to be done.

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