Dog Care - 6 Vital Tips For A Happy And Healthy Dog

  • 11/11/2018

Dog lovers are indeed parents while dogs are their beloved children. Henceforth, all dog lovers would like to do everything possible in order.

In this article, we will go through a few steps that can help take care of your “animal-child”. Apart from that will give a brief insight on the wireless dog fences helpful in keeping them within the boundaries of the property when they run around it which are comparatively safer and more good looking to chained or wooden fences.

1. Vaccination -It is important for pups when they have passed three months of age as several new infections that can make a way into their body that will shorten their lifespan. Many antibodies that were present with the mother’s milk when they were babies gradually lose when they grow older. So protection against the new and unknown diseases is necessary so they can lead an active and healthy life ahead.

2. Vet Visits–Similar to humans, this is necessary from time-to-time to do visits to the doctor or dentists to check on the conditions of their body -whether they are performing all well physically as in avoiding any future complicated health issues that may result in large sums of bills. Also, the vets would be able to advise you on any sorts of diseases that might/might not be showing up during the regular checkups.

3. Insect -proof the home- Fleas and ticks are immunity killers for dogs same as humans. They are the source of various allergies, anaemia, etc. There are several products in the market that the consumers can use to insect-proof their home to keep their dogs safe from any form of a germ attack.

4. Take him for exercise every day-  Keeping the dogs active by physical workouts -such as jumping, running, walking keeps them physically and fit thus avoiding them to engage in any unpleasant or destructive behaviour.

5. Checking Dog’s Weight- Same as people overeating and not exercising does become a reason for weight gain in dogs. Unlike people, however, they cannot decide on when they should exercise or what food they must intake. It is up to the owners to check on their overall weight check as well the food intake similar to toddlers and children below 18Some health issues that can be found in overweight dogs are arthritis and liver disease. Overweight dogs are being recommended by veterinary services to regular exercise and switching to low-calorie food. Along with this, it is highly advisable to reduce the food intake which will help it come back to its original shape.

6. Prevent your dog from having any form of junk food- There are several foods that have been marked at various danger levels for animals, by an international organization responsible for checking the animal’s food quality. Foods such as chocolates, avocado, spoiled food, grapes, raisins, etc.  are dangerous for them with bad reactions occurring in the stomach and make sure the caregivers know of it by keeping them out of the reach.

Apart from health issues, there is another part that must be looked upon. This is their safety while they are running or insisting you to chase them around. An invisible dog fence is an answer to their safety. These invisible dog fences are required when the property is beside a busy neighbourhood where are there are chances of your buddy being hit by a car or might get lost somewhere The fence will prevent them from crossing the boundary of your home. In case you are looking for an invisible dog fence, do not forget to check these wireless dog fence reviews from ilovedogfriendly.

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