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Cycling With Your Dog - 7 Best Tips For Safely Cycling

  • 10/12/2021

cycling-with dog.jpgIf cycling is one of your favourite outdoor activities and you would like your dog to join you for a ride too, there are several factors you need to take into consideration first. For instance, your dog’s age, breed and size are just some of the important ones. These tips will help you prepare your dog for a bike ride, no matter the breed, age or size of the dog.

Running Dogs

Firstly, if you are riding a bike with a running dog, there are specific dog leashes that need to be used. These leashes usually attach to the seat rear axle or post on the bike. Some of these specialized leashes like the Bike Tow Leash and Walky Dog Plus are specifically made to protect your dog from pedals, traffic, and wheels. Coiled springs are meant to absorb shocks and reduce the force of unexpected tugs.

When you’re biking with your dog running next to your bike, make sure to bike slowly until you gain a better understanding of your dog’s movements and a tempo at which they walk. You also need to be ready for any sudden pit stops along the way. Lastly, make sure to visit the vet and check if your dog has the physical ability to follow through with an exercise like this.

Riding Dogs

Riding dogs, on the other hand, are smaller or medium dogs that can fit into a basket or a child trailer that gets attached to the bike.

No matter what kind of bikes we’re talking about, heavy mountain bikes, fast gravel bikes, or just regular bikes people have for every-day use, these trailers can perfectly fit on any of them. For example, the Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer is the most versatile one, offering both a great transport for dogs on the long bike rides as well as a temporary rest along the way. All in all, these trailers are great for medium and small dogs that can’t keep up and run next to your bike for longer periods of time.

Small and medium dogs

As we’ve already mentioned, there are many versatile options for both small and medium dogs that aren’t capable of keeping up the pace and running next to the moving bike. There are special crates, baskets, dog seats and even trailers that can fit even slightly bigger dogs for longer bike rides. Some of these can be used as a form of transport for cats too.

When it comes to caring for small dogs, sturdy baskets for bicycles will do the job. A lap dog can easily fit into a durable basket. If you are using a trailer, make sure to strap/harness your dog so that they won’t fall out or jump out of their trailer. However, make sure that they also have some room to move around.

Gradual Introduction

In case you decide to bring your dog running along to your bike, it’s important to gradually introduce this new physical activity to them. Some dogs may be fine on the first run, but some other dogs may be scared and they need more time to get used to the bike.

You can start by introducing your dog to a parked bike. Try to keep your dog on a leash next to a parked bike and see how they react. If your dog is scared, take them away from the bike and reward them with a small treat. Take your time getting them used to a bike before going for a ride. After a few days, your dog will realise the bike is no threat to them and they will release their fears.

Once your dog is comfortable around the bike, try to move the bike slowly. Walk by the bike slowly as you hold your dog on a leash, and then after a while start riding your bike slowly while holding your dog on a leash.

Start with 10-minute long rides and slowly work up to a moderate pace. Examine your dog’s reaction the entire time. You need to be patient with them and allow them to have some time to adjust to this activity before going on longer rides.

How fast should you ride your bicycle?

After you have successfully trained your dog to keep up with you while riding a bike, it’s time to evaluate at what speed you should be going. The speed depends on the dog’s fitness capabilities just as much as it depends on yours. The best option is for you to start slowly and then pick up the speed in time. You should also consider your dog’s breed, age, and individual health condition.

For instance, a greyhound is one of the fastest animals. However, some of the short-legged breeds have also managed to reach the speed of about 30 km/h at some of the pug races. When it comes to longer distances, on the other hand, neither pugs nor greyhounds can maintain this speed.

In what weather should you ride a bicycle with your dog?

If the weather reaches 70 °F or above that, you should probably avoid this exercise with your dog. Dogs tend to overheat quickly since they regulate their body heat only through panting. If the dog starts panting you need to take a break. So, if the weather is warmer don’t forget to bring water for your dog, or simply avoid this form of exercise till the weather cools down a bit.

How long and how far can your dog accompany you on a bike ride?

Lastly, how far away can your dog go and accompany you for a bike ride? Well, it depends on several factors. Firstly, take your dog’s age and breed into consideration. Secondly, if you only recently introduced this activity to your dog, start with shorter trips and then slowly introduce some longer rides. Lastly, consider the weather conditions. If it’s hot outside, a quick ride around the neighbourhood should be more than enough.


In conclusion, there are two ways you can bring your dog for a ride depending on the size of your dog. Your dog can be placed in a trailer/basket or they can run next to you. Just make sure to slowly introduce them to bike rides and bring some water for them.

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