CBD Oil For Dogs: What's The Advantages And Disadvantages

  • 15/05/2018


Your friends kept on telling you how CBD oils have worked wonders for their dogs. They told you that even with a little amount of CBD oil, their dog’s health and behaviour improved over time. They never have to worry about their dogs acting oddly. And because of the information they keep telling you about, you became interested in CBD oils. Being a dog owner yourself, you’re always looking for ways on how you can take better care of your dog – and you’re starting to believe that CBD oil can help you out with this one.

If you’re thinking about giving CBD oils to your dogs, you should first think about the advantages and disadvantages. It’s always best to know what you’re getting into, especially when it already involves your dog’s wellness. To help you weigh the pros and cons of CBD oil, consider this list below.

When you use CBD oils, your dogs can make use of these advantages:

  1. It can provide instant pain relief: There are certain compounds found in CBD oil which can give instant pain relief for your dogs. Regardless if your dogs are suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and heart murmurs, let them take CBD oils, and all of the discomfort they’re feeling will be gone in no time!
  2. It can lower anxiety levels: Just like human beings, dogs can also suffer from anxiety. And when untreated, this can become the reason why they lose their appetite and become susceptible to disease. You can prevent all of these from happening if you use CBD oils for your dogs. Studies have shown CBD oils are effective in treating anxiety and stress.
  3. It can boost your dog’s appetite: When your dog no longer empties their food bowl for days, you’d be worried. Aside from the fact that they're not getting enough nutrients, you’d be concerned about the reason why they’re behaving this way. Commonly, dogs lose their appetite because of nausea and if that digestive issue isn’t taken care of, don’t expect that your dog will eat. CBD oils can become the solution to this kind of problem.

On the other side of the coin, CBD oils also come with several disadvantages. Some of these are as follows:

  1. It can make your dog “high”: Once you decide to have your pets use CBD oil, you should be aware of the quantity your dog should have. The amount of CBD oils for pets will depend on their weight and age. If you aren’t careful enough, your dog can be overdosed and can get “high.” This can last for days and weeks. During this time, your dogs can’t eat and stand, and in some cases, can become the reason for their death.
  2. It’s still subject for further studies: CBD oils have been used by human consumers for quite some time now. And while they have testified how helpful CBD oils are, it’s never the same when used in dogs. Most of the researches pertaining to the benefits of CBD oils are mostly done in rodents, none in human and dogs. What may be beneficial in rodents might not have the same effect on dogs.
  3. Some vets won’t recommend it: You might be one of those pet owners who is always consulting their vets about their dogs. There’s nothing really wrong with this. But since studies are still needed to prove the effects of CBD oils in dogs, your vet might not recommend the use of it.

In Conclusion

Similar to when you use something for your own health, you should be careful whenever you give something to your dog. You should think thoroughly if whether or not this can be helpful to them in the long run. As a pet owner, you would never want to put your dog in any risk, right? You can use this article to help you decide about using CBD oils for your dogs. You can also check out www.cannabissupplementsforpets.com for more information. If you think this is apt for your dog, go ahead and add a small amount of CBD oil to their diet!


James Thompson

James is a pet advocate and is studying to become a vet. He has 2 dogs called Pete and Georgia and loves to take them walking in the local park. He loves to write on behalf of websites such as Cannabis Supplements For Pets and enjoys learning everything he can about different animals. One day he hopes to be a fully fledged vet.

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