Care Tips For A Happy Dog

  • 04/09/2018

We all want to give the best possible homes to our dogs so we can ensure they are happy and live long healthy lives. But with so much misinformation out there, it can be hard to know what are the right things to do to keep your dog from becoming bored, depressed or sick.

Generally, dogs just want you to be present and engaged with them, so the more active you are in their lives, the happier they will be. Here are our top tips for keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Regular Training

While some owners mistakenly avoid training their dog because they are worried about being too strict, dogs actually rely on training for their happiness for a number of reasons.

●       Training keeps dogs engaged, which prevents them from getting bored.

●       Dogs love to know the rules. The more you train them, the more they know what makes you happy, which makes them happy, too.

●       A well-behaved dog is less likely to upset their owner, meaning they are less likely to get told off.

A Balanced Diet

Puppies have more growing to do than adult dogs, so require more nutrients in their food. Feeding puppies adult dog food and results in malnutrition, while feeding an adult puppy food is expensive and can cause health issues.

Equally, it is important that breeds of different sizes eat the right food. For instance, large breeds need to eat more every day to provide their big bodies with energy, while smaller breeds should be fed food which keeps them energised without overeating.

A happy dog enjoys the taste of the food they eat. A really happy dog is one who eats food that is both delicious and keeps them healthy throughout their lifetime.

Socialise Often

Encourage your dog to socialise with other animals as much as possible. Regular interaction with other dogs helps your pet to feel more comfortable around them, meaning they will be more likely to engage in play and be less fearful. Also, it is a great way for your dog to learn boundaries. If a bigger dog barks or nips at your dog, for instance, it is natural to feel worried. However, this is actually just the normal way that dogs learn when they are going too far.

Mental and Physical Exercise

Walking your dog at least twice a day allows your dog to explore the outdoors while burning off their energy and growing healthy muscle. However, in addition to walks, you should also make time to play with your dog. Buy them toys, play hide-and-seek, and generally have a good time together. Not only will you improve your bond with one another, but your dog will get the mental stimulation they need to stay entertained.

Frequent Health Check-Ups

Finally, however much you feed your dog the right food and keep them exercised, sickness and injury are inevitable. Of course, the more regularly you see your vet, the better chance you have of catching an illness or injury early, meaning your dog will be better able to recover. Make sure to stay up to date with vaccinations and stop by the vet a couple of times each year for a general check-up.

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