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Can You Take A Service Dog To The Casino?

  • 21/07/2020
service-dog-2098366_1920.jpgOne of the things that Ireland is perhaps best known for is its love of animals, especially dogs. According to one survey from 2016, Irish people love dogs more than children. So, you would think that dogs would be allowed just about anywhere in Ireland. But is that really the case?

How Open are Irish Casinos to Taking Your Dog?

Casinos in Ireland remain a popular choice for those seeking a bit of fun and recreation time. They're somewhere where you can take your friends and unwind for a while. But do they welcome everyone equally? And by anyone, I'm, of course, including dogs. Well, the bad news is that pets aren't allowed. Yes, even dogs.

So no, dogs may not be allowed in most, if not all, areas of a casino.

Moreover, it is for these reasons that some dog lovers have turned to online and pay by phone casinos, such as, so that they can still play all their favorite casino games but from the comfort of their own homes. With this in mind, if you are considering playing any games via an online casino, you can head to the Casino Martini website, where you can also find a useful resource that explains how to get free spins at an online casino to make your gameplay even more exciting.

In some respects, it's understandable. No two dogs are the same, and some can be more playful than others. But what about service dogs? The good news is that if your pet is a service dog, you’re in luck.

Can You Take a Service Dog to an Irish Casino?

If you have a dog that has been certified as either an emotional support or a service pet, they will be allowed to go to the casino with you. In fact, it’s illegal for a casino to ask you to leave an area, as long as your dog is behaving properly.

When it comes to service dogs, they’re among the biggest exception to casino’s rules regarding pets. While some casinos may allow pets into the foyer, they won’t let them wander into the casino area. They must remain in the designated areas. Service dogs, however, are different, as they aren’t technically a pet, in the strictest sense of the word, but rather considered to be “medication”.

If your dog doesn’t possess any clear markings that show it to be an emotional support or a service pet, a casino staff member may ask about any tasks or work your service dog has been trained in. To avoid taking these kinds of questions, you should ensure that you’ve marked your service dog with the traditional harnesses or vests.

If you’re in a casino with a service pet, you shouldn’t be subjected to any questions on the matter, and you shouldn’t be asked to present any details, or proof such as certificates or documents, regarding your service dog.

Of course, an exception would be if your pet is causing an issue or misbehaving in some way, which the majority of service dogs are trained not to. If a major disruption is caused, however, or if your service dog has put other guests in harm’s way, then the casino may ask you to remove your service dog. When it comes to service dogs, however, there's been more cause for understanding from all of us of late.

An Alternative Solution

So yes, if your dog is a service dog, you can take it with you to an Irish casino. If it isn’t, however, you’ll have to work out another way to enjoy your favourite casino games with your dog by your side. One way would be to take advantage of the internet and play online. You can have five dogs jumping up and down on your lap without any restrictions from an online casino. Just don’t let them place your bets for you. A dog might be man’s best friend, but it isn’t known for its gambling prowess.

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