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Body and Mind Harmony as the Most Important Professional Traits While Writer's Work With The Dogs

  • 04/07/2020

Every writer (freelancers especially) knows how difficult it is to achieve excellence in time management. Each dog owner knows that one may develop time-management skills faster since you have no other choice because of the needs of the tailed friend. However, it is quite possible to solve the problem of organizing time and achieve the balance of body and mind if your dog is with you. Most of the world-famous writers created masterpieces with their four-legged friends, and it’s not just a joke!

The Dog as a Coach for Time Management and Inner Harmony

Not many people think that time-management is not just the ability to organize your time rationally. It is also a skill to keep the body and mind in balance, otherwise, it is impossible to achieve the first. But what is the connection with the dog?

Most dog owners notice that they have to adapt to the necessities and schedules of their pets. That is, revise their everyday routines to stay productive, inspired but pay attention to the pet.

“In terms of following a schedule, dogs are just like little kids. They want everything to go according to the plan. If you have no plan for the next day, your dog will force you to come up with it. Don’t doubt that you will be finally grateful  - the clear schedule means a clear mind, the clear mind means a lot of place for creativity, your creativity makes you more interesting for your readers and customers.” -  says the CEO from Writing Judge writing service review.

The dog is the best helper for those who work at home. The office has requirements due to the working day, as well as breaks. But when you work at home, it is very complicated to organize your time just like in an office. Hence, a tailed pet can do this for you!

The dog with the human body has a connection on a mental level. They respond to every movement of their owner and understand every emotion within a person. Those who are engaged in writing and have a dog with one voice say that their magic dogs are real helpers. They help to learn to take breaks, walk in the fresh air, and temporarily leave your work. All this is what is needed for the balance of body and soul!

“Many writers note that if they didn’t have a pet, they would never have learned to follow the regime, to do work in time, and don’t wait until inspiration comes. Dog effect on people as an emotional charge that it is not necessary to look for a source of inspiration.” – says the Pick The Writer review website’s team.

Therefore, before getting nervous when your pet requires food or a walk, think that it is not only your duty but also the opportunity to create a normal schedule for yourself with which you will achieve a balance of mind and body and be effective at work. Do dogs have a brain? Dogs have not only a brain but also a soul and this is not a secret!

The Final Thoughts

Why do we pet dogs? As you can see, we can learn a lot from dogs. The dog allows you to get such a spectrum of emotions which so many writers lack for everyday inspiration. Dogs teach us wisdom which acts as a source for our creative work. All of the above emphasizes that the dogs are therapeutic pets and the best companions for writers. Especially for those who can’t restore their emotional state, often feel tired and cannot organize the work process correctly.


Anna is a specialist in different types of writing. She graduated from the Interpreters Department, but creative writing became her favorite type of work. Now she improves her skills while working as a specialist at writing service review websites Pick The Writer, Writing Judge to assist a lot of students all over the world and has free time for another work, as well. Always she does her best in the posts and articles.

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