Best Types And Benefits Of Dog Dental Chews For Oral Health

  • 06/09/2020
Dog-got-a-chew.jpgDogs and humans are different. They, however, sometimes suffer from the same disease. Just like humans, dogs also deal with gum diseases. This might not seem very serious, it, however, is something that has to be given a lot of attention. When dogs suffer from dental diseases, they could end up losing some teeth. They could also suffer from reduced appetite. That’s not all. Other organs in their bodies might suffer if bacteria from affected teeth find their way into the bloodstream.

Since your dog’s oral health does not only affect its oral cavity, to keep your dog generally healthy, you must clean its mouth frequently. Some ways to get this done are by brushing its teeth and by letting it go through professional cleanings. That’s not all. You can also take advantage of the existence of dog special diets and dental treats to keep your dog’s oral health in check.

What are the Benefits of Dog Dental Chews?

Dog dental chews are associated with lots of benefits. Some of them are;

They Improve Gum and Teeth Health

When dogs chew actively, they deal with a reduced buildup of plagues. There are certain dental diets and treats that have a reputation for reducing the buildup of plagues by up to 70%.

How is this possible?

This is very simple. Chewing is a mechanical action and it can go a long way in keeping your dog’s oral cavity healthy. According to research, when the diameter of kibble is increased by up to 50%, it can cause tartar to reduce by about 42%. The same study also reveals that when the products are coated with polyphosphate, tartar is reduced by another 55%.

There is an organization that is responsible for the evaluation of pet products. This organization is known as the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). Before foods, chews, and treats are approved by VOHC, they must be proven to reduce tartar or plague by about 10%. Furthermore, if for any reason you choose to make use of a chemical anti-plague in getting your dog free from plague, it must be able to reduce tartar or plague by up to 20%.

They Help in the Reduction of Bad Breath

Just like humans, some dogs also have bad breath. When you notice an unpleasant smell emanating from your dog’s mouth, you do not have to be worried as this is a common occurrence. Unpleasant smells in a dog’s mouth occur when there is a buildup of bacteria in its mouth. To a great degree, this is a signal that you need to care for your dog’s gum better. While bad breath is almost always caused by the buildup of bacteria, you will also need to contact a vet. This way, you can be certain the bad breath is not as a result of an underlying medical issue.

Regular tooth brushing and professional cleaning can go a long way in keeping your dog’s gum and teeth healthy.

Types of Dog Dental Treats and Diets

There are various types of dog dental treats and diets. A lot of them have made claims of having the ability to improve bad breath and also being able to reduce tartar and plague. While not all of them have undergone tests, a good number of them have been tested and have the VOHC seal of approval. Quite a number of this dog treats can be bought in general stores. There are, however, those that can be gotten only through veterinarians.

Below are some of the major types of dog dental treats and diets

Dog Dental Diets

There are dog formulations that have the ability to reduce tartar and plague. They do this through different methods. A couple of them are able to put up resistance to crumbling. By doing this, they are able to cause a scrubbing action. This is possible because of their large textures. Still, there are those that come with special coatings that go a long way in discouraging tartar from forming, prevent bacteria and reduce plague.

Dental Chews, Bones, and Biscuits

These types of dog dental chews have VOHC approval. An example is Vetradent Dog Chews.

Rawhide Chews

These are gotten from horse or co hides. They have a reputation for reducing tartar and plague. Also, they can be gotten in different shapes and sizes.

How to Get the Best from Dog Chews

Dog treats vary to a large extent. Some are known for being very effective. Others, although effective are not so reliable. Due to this, you will need to bear certain things in mind to ensure you select the right dental treat for your dog.

Below are some things you must keep in mind when choosing a dental treat for your dog.

Stay Away from Hard Bites

If your dog’s teeth are diseased, you will need to keep them away from certain dog treats. This is because of the increase in the likelihood of their teeth getting broken when they chew hard things like cow hooves, hard plastic bones, hard chews, etc. Your dog will do a lot better when you give it fresh bones with cartilage. While fresh meat will be better, you have to be cautious of the increased risk of sharp bone fragments being ingested or bacterial infections. After your dog feeds on this fresh meat for a while you will need to take them away when they get dry and hard.

Select the Right Match

The type of treat or toy you buy for your dog is a lot dependent on its size and personality. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, products that are firmer will be more suitable for it. However, if it does not chew aggressively, you might not be doing the best by getting it firm products.

Compressive Chews are not ideal for every dog

Rawhide and other edible treats are good for your dog’s dental health. They, however, might not be suitable for aggressive chewers as they eat them too quickly and end up swallowing some pieces without chewing. This can cause them to choke.

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