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Best Dog Breeds For North Countries

  • 19/12/2017

North countries are mostly cold, but some dog breeds do just fine there. For example, they have two skin layers, and their paws are covered with dense fur. In addition to this, they have a special kind of fat that insulates them from cold. However, if a dog is fluffy and plum, it does not mean that it would be comfortable when it’s freezing outside. Let’s take s a look at the best Northern dog breeds, so you know which pet to buy if living in cold countries.


1. Tibetan terrier: This is one of the best dog breeds for hiking. It has a thick coat, fat for insulation, and furry paws. In addition to this, their feet are big and flat. These characteristics improve its grip on the snow and help it survive the extremely cold weather in Tibetan territory. Tibetan Terriers are calm and could make a great company, especially for hiking and other winter outdoor activities.


2. Siberian husky: Siberian Huskies are typical winter dogs, as they originated from one of the coldest places on earth, Siberia. Their coat is denser than that of most dogs. Just like the Tibetan terrier, they have two layers of coat. In addition to this, they have a special kind of bristly hairs on their coat, which helps them acclimatize to extreme cold conditions. They come in different colours of the fur and eyes. They are medium sized, and in contrast to other dogs, they don’t bark, they howl.


3. Tibetan Mastiff: Tibetan Mastiffs can dwell comfortably in both warm and cold weather environments. Just like the other Northern dog breeds, they have two layers of coat, thick fat for insulation, and abundant furs. They can live in the confined yard, but it’s not advisable to keep them within the house. They are usually stubborn and can be difficult to train. Also, mastiffs are nocturnal animals – they sleep during the day but are active at night. This feature makes them excellent guardians for livestock. They are one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.


4. American Eskimo dog: The American Eskimo dog is a great watchdog, as it is very careful around people it is not familiar with. Eskimo breed expresses its caution with barking and roaring, although these pets are not aggressive naturally. Vice versa, they are calm, friendly, smart, and easy to train in nature. They have two layers of coat and are very fluffy.


5. Samoyed: They have a two-layer coat with a lot of fur. Their coat gets extra thick and warm during winter. They are friendly and trainable dogs known to have traits that can be utilized in animal sports. Samoyeds originate from Siberia, and these features help them cope even in the extreme weather. They are medium sized. Samoyeds’ lifespan averages between twelve to fourteen years.


6. Saint Bernard: Saint Bernard dogs thrive well in cold temperature, but need a lot of water to maintain healthy liquid balance in their body. They tend to grow large in size. However, it takes a long time before they mature mentally. Saint Bernard dogs can be kept at home, although they need space to stretch. They need to exercise frequently so they don’t become obese. They can be easily trained, as they are an obedient breed.


Emma Rundle is a professional writer and editor. Currently, she provides her independent services to website. She has a Master’s degree in English language and literature. Emma’s hobbies beyond writing include travelling, photography, and volunteering. 

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