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8 Reasons To Play With Your Dog

  • 22/02/2022
Playing-With-Your-Dog.jpgYou adore your dog, but sometimes the idea of playing fetch or tug with them is exhausting after a long day at work. When you’d rather snuggle on the couch after your dog has been home all day doing nothing, it’s time for new sources of motivation. These are eight reasons to play with your dog and look forward to more fun time together.

1. It Strengthens Your Bond

Dogs have an eternal love for their humans. Their joy is contagious, but it will fade away if they feel neglected or lonely. It hurts them like it would hurt you if you waited to spend time with a friend who stood you up.

Hanging out together with their favorite toys strengthens the special bond you share. They understand that it’s an act of love, which they’ll return with puppy kisses and a lifetime of adoration.

2. It Releases Your Dog’s Energy

Everyone’s felt restless after sitting for too long on the couch or in the car. Dogs feel the same way while they wait for you to come home. Playtime allows them to release their pent-up energy, but how long should they stay active? Small dogs only need fifteen to thirty minutes at a minimum, but large dogs could require over an hour of playtime to get all of the exercise they need.

3. It Builds Your Dog’s Strength

Inactivity leads to muscle weakness, making daily activities like walking more difficult. Small, frequent doses of playtime build your dog’s strength by engaging all of their muscles. When they’re sprinting for a tennis ball or swimming laps in your pool, they’re getting exercise that keeps their bodies strong and healthy.

4. It Improves Your Brain Health

Humans get many benefits from playing with their dogs too. Anxiety and stress can trigger progressive neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, but playing with your dog lowers both of those problems. Instant smiles and bubbling laughter are all too easy to experience when you’re goofing around with your favorite pup. Amp up the fun during stressful periods by adding new dog toys to the mix or trying new games in your backyard.

5. It Provides Daily Exercise

You’ll get exercise alongside your dog when it’s time for them to play. Throwing a frisbee or pulling on a tug rope gently raises your heart rate. The easy cardio is excellent for your body because it lowers your blood pressure, reduces your asthma sensitivity and even helps you sleep.

You might wonder if you’re doing enough just by standing and tossing a ball. Is the activity even worth your time without the breathless movements and heavy sweating of an exercise class? Playing with your dog still gets you more active than when you’re sitting around your home, so the activity will benefit your body even if you don’t feel pushed to your physical limits.

6. It Becomes a Social Activity

Your dog might love playing fetch, but that’s not something you can do if you live in a small apartment. You’ll likely need to visit a local dog park, transforming playtime into a social activity. Your pup will meet other dogs and bond with them in their own canine ways. Meanwhile, you can meet new friends by socializing with the humans hanging out while their dogs run wild. Playtime could be the key to defeating your loneliness and prevent your dog from feeling the same way if they’re alone at home all day.

7. It Reinforces Their Training

Time and practice build the relationship between a person and their pup. Your dog must learn what your voice means when your tone changes and which sounds indicate a specific command. Playing is an excellent way to reinforce their training. You’ll tell them to drop their fetching toy, sit patiently and even come when you call them. The practice will come in handy when you need the same commands or tone of voice to keep them safe, like telling them no when they jump on the counter to eat human food.

8. It Decreases Behavioral Problems

Boredom is never a fun feeling. It’s even worse when you’re powerless to change how you feel. That’s what runs through your dog’s mind when they’re alone all day and don’t understand why their human left for a while. The boredom quickly turns into frustration and may result in destructive chewing or excessive barking.

Playtime alleviates that boredom and prevents ongoing behavioral problems. In addition to strict training that stops unwanted behaviors, your dog will feel more content and happy after hanging out together.

Play With Your Dog Every Day

There are so many reasons to play with your dog, but these are some of the most important. You’ll both get the exercise you need to feel your best, meet new people and reduce any lingering stress. Think about what your dog might like to do with your free time to discover new activities that are fun for everyone.

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