8 Dog Behaviours And Their Meaning That Every Owner Must Know

  • 28/02/2018

The way dogs react to different things tells a lot about their behaviour and sometimes you don’t even realise what they are trying to say. For example, if you are not aware of what canine tongue-short means when it salivates, then my friend it’s time you learn about dog behaviour.

As a dog owner, you might have noticed your dog licking certain items with textures s or revolving around a fixed spot again and again. There could be any reason behind such behaviour of your dog can tell a lot about your dog’s state of mind or health. It’s necessary to pay attention to such behaviours of your dog so that you can help it when in need.

In this article, we have mentioned some common behaviours of canine which every dog owner must know about:

  • Changes In Breath

It’s a known fact that dogs don’t have a pleasant breath, but still, their breath is not so bad that you cannot get close to them. However, if you notice a slight change in its breath with even a little halitosis, then it’s time to take your dog to a vet. Bad Oral health is often considered as the main reason behind bad breath of dogs.

However, there are other reasons as well, such as the problem with its gastrointestinal tract, kidneys or liver. For example, having a bad breath with a smell of urine could be due to kidney problem and a breath of sweet-smelling could be due to diabetes. It’s not necessary that bad breath of your dog will affect its overall mood, but you have to pay attention to its breath and consider a vet when it smells different to you

  • Biting

It’s natural for pets to bite their owners as they try to communicate with them and it usually happens when you’re playing with your pet. But, if your dog is biting you regularly without any purpose, then it’s necessary to stop it before it turns into a more problematic behaviour for your dog.

Anxiety, fear or aggression is considered as one of the common reasons behind dog’s increased biting behaviour. So, you have to identify what is making your dog do so. For example, notice if its mood is influencing its actions. At first, it could be difficult for you to teach your dog not to bite much, so you can take help from a professional trainer or you can also visit a vet who has hands-on experience in dog behaviours.

  • Eating Faeces

It is one of the difficult and disgusting problems for dog owners and often found in pet dogs. There are many reasons behind dogs eating faeces, such as fear, lack of nutrition or cleanliness. Eating their own poop seems to be a distasteful thing to us, but its normal dog behaviour.

You can teach your dog not to eat poop if you feed it with a well-balanced diet and take it for regular exercise. Regular exercise will help your dog stay active and a well-balanced diet will keep it full of nutrition which can help in making it avoid eating poop.

  • Revolving At The Same Spot

If your dog walks in a circle continuously at the same spot, then there are chances that it may have a health issue. Chasing their own tail is often considered as a funny way to entertain themselves, but it can be a big health problem. One of the main causes of circling can be an ear infection or bull terriers.

However, there are other reasons as well, such as idiopathic vestibular syndrome which is often found in older dogs. We cannot define what factor cause your pet circling, but if it’s frequent, it’s good to take your pet to a vet, as they are the only one who can determine the main cause of your dog’s circling.

  • Digging Ground

Digging is a common behaviour that dogs often do to escape, track animals, and hide something or to make a cold spot to lie down. But, the ground is not the only place that dogs try to dig; sometimes, they also scratch blankets or couch to get a perfect place to lie down. You might have seen your dog digging places often at night or during nap time and it’s a common behaviour for them.

But, if this behaviour is bothering you and the dog is damaging your furniture, then you can take help from a professional trainer to reduce this habit of your puppy.

  • Sitting On Your Feet

This is a lovely dog behaviour that every dog owner enjoys, as they think the pet is trying to get closer to them and seeking for their attention. But, dogs often sit on your feet or between your legs due to anxiety or nervousness. Your dog is not seeking your attention, it is feeling unsafe and that’s why it tries to get closure to you.

Anxiety is something that cannot be cured with the help of a trainer, so you have to take your dog to a vet to discuss this behaviour and find a solution for it.

  • Panting

Panting is often considered as a sign of regulating body temperature, as dogs expel most of their body heat from their mouths. But, sometimes dogs could be panting due to pain as well, so you have to pay close attention to this behaviour of your dog.

Help your dog in regulating body temperature and make sure it is well hydrated before any physical activity, especially during warm weather, as it is necessary to keep your dog cool during summer. And if your pet gets injured while exercising, take it to a vet immediately.

  • Urinating Inside The House

Some dog owners don’t prefer to train their dogs from a professional trainer and train them at home. So, it can be a surprise for you to see your pet urinating at home. If your dog is urinating inside the home, then it’s time to pay attention to this behaviour.

There could be any reason behind your pet urinating at home, for example, it may be in need of your attention or it can be a sign of urinary tract, kidney infection or bladder. Consider taking your puppy-friend to a professional vet, if it is urinating again and again at home.

These dog behaviours are very common and dog parents often don’t pay much attention to it. But, it is necessary to notice such behaviour of your dog closely if you want your pup to be healthy and fit. 

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