7 Reasons Why Cats And Dogs Can Get Along

  • 06/01/2018

Over the years, many families have shown a distinct choice of pets. Some love dogs while others cats and a different category for most who love both. Cats and dogs nonetheless can live together or could sometimes be worst enemies. This sometimes is attributed to the treatment they get in homes they live. When there’s competition for resources e.g. food, enmity grows and the dog wins due to its size and aggressiveness. However, in this article, we shall talk about 7 reasons why dogs and cats get along easily.

They love the outdoors

This is largely due to their playful nature which makes them look for wide areas where they can run after each other and explore. They also like resting under shades after long playing sessions where they roll and turn on grass. Sometimes they both team up to hunt birds just for fun. This can only be found outside the house.

A sense of confidence

Nature has it that two animals would interact more freely together than they would with a human being. This makes both cats and dogs feel a sense of protection when they stay together at a young age. At time dogs could play a bigger part in protecting their counterparts especially due to their need to protect the pack.

They both look up to their owner

Both cat and dogs when subjected to similar schedules e.g. while feeding or tidying up develop a sense of admiration towards their caregivers. In some cases, they might even help each other to finish food to avoid chaos with their owner.

Body language  

It’s almost obvious that when dogs and cats are together, they maintain very close body contact. If you’re from a cold country you may have noticed that during the winters, they both like lying near the fireplace together. Sometimes they even spend the whole night cuddling with each other.

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

It’s also evident that sometimes they can’t easily reach their backs especially when they need to scratch. one by themselves, dogs and cats will run to scratch themselves against any object they can get their paws on like walls, cupboards or seats. This becomes easier when they have a scratching mate that help out.

Home Alone

Imagine how bored a cat or a dog will be on itself when everybody else is away especially during work days.One way to cure loneliness is to have a playmate until the owner is back at home.

Company is paramount especially in times of fear or fright

In scary moments e.g. a trip to the vet, animals tend to be less anxious when they have the company of other animals. This kind of comfort is just what the vet prescribed. 

In a nutshell, cats and dogs need each other to lead a more convenient life largely due to needs and awesome similarities they share.

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