6 Must-Know Tips to Make Your Dog Famous On Social Media

  • 08/04/2019

You might think it would be ridiculous to make a social media profile for your dog. But, hear us out! Turning your pup into celebrity could make your life way better. Not only would it be very fun to share your dog’s adventures with the world, but you could also make some big profits out of his social media accounts.

How? Well, the fact that a third of the world’s population is on social media means that these platforms have big business potential. Having big followership means that you can easily make big money by promoting some dog products on your pup’s profiles in exchange for cash. 

Actually, by doing basically the same thing, many human influencers have made a real fortune off their social media accounts. But, because it’s a huge competition in the human world, why not try your luck in the dog universe? Your pup might just have the X-factor needed to become a new social media star!

“Per Aspera ad Astra” – the road to stardom is extremely hard, which is why you need to help out your four-legged friend. To make him famous on social media, here are 6 things you could do!

1.     Find the Right Niche

Even though the competition in the animal world of social media is not that fierce as what is the case with humans, you still can’t expect your pup to succeed just by being cute. His social media profile needs to have some kind of a theme that would attract loyal followership.

And in order to achieve that, you will have to play your part. Whether it’s gonna be making memes of his videos or setting up interesting backgrounds for his photos, or something along these lines, you need to make sure that people will want to come to his profile.

2.     Make Sure There’s Always Enough Content

Let’s say that you’ve come up with a decent enough idea for your dog’s social media profile. For example, photos of your dog dressed as a historical figure. Sure, it does sound fine, but the people won’t be coming to his profile unless there’s a lot of content there. So, instead of making just one photoshoot, you need to make them on a regular basis.

Fresh content is the key to success on social media. This way, you will keep your dog’s followers interested in his profile, while also boosting the profile’s rank in the platform’s search engine. The thing is that no matter which social media platform you decide to use, you can be sure they will recommend your dog’s profile to more users if you keep on coming with new photos and videos.

3.     Make Sure the Content is Top-Quality

Posting new content on a regular basis is a must, but only if that content isn’t boring. Coming up with new ideas that would keep the followers interested in your dog’s profile can be challenging at some points. However, there is a way you can compensate for content that’s not too interesting.

If what’s going on in the photograph/video isn’t too interesting to make your dog an internet sensation, you can make the footage more attractive through editing. A photograph that’s photo-shopped to look amazing will make the people want to give it a Like.

Unfortunately, sometimes photos are just impossible to improve even with the use of the most sophisticated software. That’s why the best way to ensure that your photos are gonna be top-quality is to take care of everything before, not after the photoshoot. What we’re really saying is that if you had to pick between hiring a photo-editing expert or a professional dog photographer, our suggestion would be to pick the latter.

4.     Do Your Tag Research

When it comes to success on social media, it’s often not about the quality of the content. There surely are some profiles that you think are super-interesting, but which aren’t getting as much attention as profiles of social media celebs like Kendal Jenner.

And the reason why an awesome profile isn’t getting a lot of followers is that its owner hasn’t done all in their power to make the profile visible to potential followers. One way to stretch out to potential followers is by doing a good job with tags.

You need to put them in every post, but make sure they’re 100% relevant to what’s in the photo. Another good advice is to do keyword research in order to see which words and phrases are commonly searched for on social media. 

5.     Get Yourself Connected

When Kendal Jenner tweeted that she’s not satisfied with Snapchat, the value of this company dropped by 1 billion dollars. This example shows you what kind of power social media celebs have. Apart from being able to ruin a big company, they also have the power to make a virtually unknown person (or an animal) a global sensation.

If your pup’s profile gets shared by a celebrity who has millions of followers, your job’s done – your dog is on the fast track to becoming famous. The problem here is how to make big celebrities to even notice your dog’s profile.

Well, it’s not gonna be easy, but there is a way. Some celebrities are famous for following back. And once they follow your dog’s profile back, they’re gonna see the photos and videos you’re posting. If they like some of those, they might decide to share them with their followers.

6.     Invest in Followers

Social proof is a term that explains why beginnings are very hard when it comes to social media. The thing is that average users are not willing to follow profiles which don’t already have a big number of followers.

This means that until your dog’s profile reaches its first 10,000 followers, the followership is going to increase at a very slow race. But, once the 10k line is crossed, the followers will start swarming towards the profile.

So, how to get to 1M followers? Probably the easiest way is to pay for it. You can either promote your dog’s profile on social media or pay for a service that sends followers to your dog’s account. 

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