6 Facts Your Vet Wished You Knew About Keeping Your Dog Healthy

  • 07/02/2021

Doggy health is not just about treatment - it starts with prevention and a healthy lifestyle! You can save a lot of vet expenses by paying attention to healthy habits for your pup every day. Today we look at 6 simple actions you can take right away to ensure your dog’s wellbeing and longevity.

#1 Spoiling does not mean overfeeding

About half of all pet dogs are overweight or obese. Feeding your pooch too much food is not a sign of you loving him especially - it is a sign of future health conditions such as arthritis and joint pain, diabetes or heart issues. You can spoil your pup in many ways, but feeding too many treats should not be one of them!

#2 Puppy shots are crucial

When your vet asks you to vaccinate your young pup, he or she does not want to rip you off. Your vet has the best interest of your puppy in mind and wants him to stay healthy! Especially the Parvo virus that pups get vaccinated against is a very dangerous virus. It lives in the ground and can quickly turn serious or lethal for an infected pup. Do not skip on your puppy’s shot appointments. Making sure your dog gets all his vaccinations in time will protect his health and well-being!

#3 Human food is not good dog food

Of course it won’t hurt your pooch to get a small piece of cheese or a slice of carrot here or there. But don’t make a habit out of feeding table scraps or human meals. A big slice of pizza or a plate full of pasta is not an appropriate dinner for your dog! Over time, feeding large quantities of human foods can lead to dog obesity, kidney problems or even severe issues like pancreatitis.

#4 Dogs are not unbreakable

Your dog might seem invincible, especially if he is a large and strong breed. Don’t assume that he cannot get hurt though! When playing rough with other dogs or running over uneven terrain, dogs can easily strain a muscle, tear a tendon or even fracture a leg. Always keep safety in mind when deciding on what you allow your dog to do.

#5 Dogs overheat quickly

Dogs cannot regulate their core temperature like humans through sweating. While panting helps them cool down somewhat, you need to pay attention that your dog doesn’t overheat. Take him inside on hot days and offer plenty of cool water.

#6 Old dogs need extra care

As your dog enters his senior years, he will need specialized care. Many dogs require arthritis medication or drugs for kidney problems. Take your senior dog to regular checkups to ensure his well being for many more years.

About the author:

Steffi Trott is the owner and founder of SpiritDog Training, an online dog training resource. She strives to provide game-based, positive dog training instruction to owners all over the world.

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