5 Ways To Train A Dog Who Won't Listen To You

  • 21/05/2019
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A pet always brings more enjoyment in your life, right? As a dog is the most obedient pet among all, people choose to keep them as their family member in maximum cases. It is not possible for everyone to understand the bond between pet and pet owner.

These feelings only can be appreciated by the people who love pets and can go to any extent for them. Moreover, only they can realize how a pet becomes the most vital part of their life. Dogs have been part of human life since the beginning of civilization.

People who have a dog, know that a dog can make you feel safe, keeps you fit, lowers your stress level, gives companionship, and whatnot they do? Once you get attached to a pet dog, you cannot live without him. But, what will you do if your dog does not listen to you and disobey every time? Probably you will get pissed off or frustrated with them.

Not only this, but It can also be very unsafe for the owner as well as anybody near the dog. To get rid of the problem, you must train your dog well from the very beginning. It is important for the dog to know who is the master of the house. Here you will find some suggestion which can help you gear up the understanding between you and your pet-

1. Hire a Good Trainer:

A good trainer says that training a stubborn dog is quite simple. They keep telling this because they are professionals who are expert at their job. They guide you on how to control your dog properly without using violence or abuse.

They will teach all the etiquette to your dogs too. Experts say it is essential to communicate with your dog. If you can take your dog to training classes, it will be beneficial for you as the owner and your dog as well.

A trained dog will always respect you. Sometimes they even understand your mood better than your friends or family members. They know how to react in every single incident. They are not also scared of advanced device like a robot vacuum cleaner which is used for cleaning pet fur. So, training is important.

2. Go back to basics:

Dogs use body language and energy to communicate as they cannot speak. What you need to do at first is to notice your dog's emotional state. When humans are unhappy or scared, they do react in unpredictable ways. Dogs do precisely the same. You must have to understand your pet's behavior and movements well before you start to analyze and teach them.

3. Command and Practice:

Does your dog get you when you command him? It takes lots of repetitions to learn a skill correctly. Practice makes everyone perfect. You cannot get a well-trained dog overnight. You need to give some time and considerable effort, and you will be able to notice the differences gradually.

If you understand that your dog cannot get what you are saying, give him instructions to do something more manageable. It is better not to repeat commands too much, which make them stubborn. Thus, focusing on training, you can get an obedient pet in no time.

4. Solve Problems:

When you notice that your dog is not listening to you, you should solve the fundamental problems like what he is facing. Giving him a private space where he can rest or sleep may help you. He will relax in his den, and that would give him an environment of his own. Teach him to come when called, to jump, to sit, to run, and so on.

Taking him with you for a walk, cleaning his room every day can also create a bog between both. A trained dog knows how to behave when he sees a robot vacuum cleaner. They quickly get the point that it is not so scary.

5. Treat and Reward:

Rewarding is a nice trick to make your dog listen to you. He will love you more when you give him a warm hug. Praise him, when he does something good. This also makes him listen to you. You must give him some toys to make them feel happy.

A tasty treat helps him to be in an excellent mood. When he wags his tail, it is the sign of their happy mood. Giving him a good bath, taking care, and spending time can bring you closer to him, which will ultimately help you in understanding his temperament and all.

It is a big responsibility to look after your dog. It also wants love and care, just like the other human being. If you treat the dog well and train it correctly, the dog will always listen to you,. Remember a loved pet is always ready to make you laugh, cuddle with you, and be a great companion of yours until the day it passes away.

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