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5 Ways To Make Life Easier As A Pet Owner

  • 11/12/2020
5 Ways to Make Life Easier as a Pet Owner.jpgLife as a pet owner is rewarding and challenging. Yes, you love your pet, but admitting some things are hard doesn't mean you love your pet any less. The following are five ways you can make your life easier as a pet owner.

1. The Tracker

Pets have a way of slipping away from you every so often. Looking for a pet can be a real pain, but it's something you have to do as an animal owner. You don't want your pet running around in unfamiliar areas where they'll be at risk, especially if you live near a highway or if you know there are predators around.

For a long time, all pet owners could do was search and worry, but a tracker can help. These GPS trackers can be attached to your pet's collar. All you need to do is turn on your phone and see where your pet is so that you can easily collect him or her. This kind of peace of mind is priceless, so you should definitely invest in it.

2. Pet-Friendly Vacuum

One thing that could make the life of a pet owner a little harder is all the shedding a pet can experience. Yes, there's a lot you can do to prevent shedding, like making sure your pet is eating foods with enough vitamins. You could also groom your pet often to remove any loose fur, but these steps aren't enough.

At some point, hair is going to land on your carpet, floors, or furniture. This is just the reality, but you can plan for it by purchasing the best vacuum for pet hair. This is going to have to be a vacuum that's powerful, quiet, and has a roller that doesn't easily tangle with hair. Be sure to read a few reviews before you make your decision.

3. Enzymatic Odor and Stain Remover

Accidents happen when you own pets even if you house train them. A pet could still get sick and urinate, defecate, or throw up somewhere in your home. This is the reason you should always have an enzymatic odor and stain remover. The solution usually works on any surface without damaging it, and it's pretty natural as well.

Now, if you aren't sure if this solution is safe for the surface you're about to use it on, try it in a place you aren't too concerned about. If you don't see a bad reaction, then go ahead and continue. The solution doesn't cost much, and all you need to do is have it in your home. The faster you act, the higher your chances of being able to remove one of these accidents.

4. Video Call and Treats

One thing that stresses pet owners out is not being able to see their pets and not knowing what's going on at home. You can't do much about this situation since you have to go to work.

Well, thankfully, you can install a video call device. You can use an app-controlled device to see what your pet is doing and talk to your pet. What's even cooler is that your pet could call you to say hello and ask for a treat. Yes, most of these devices have a little container where you can place a few treats to be released at the touch of a button. The stress of not knowing can be gone with just one device.

5. Smart Pet Door

Having to get up every time your pet wants to go outside or come back in can get tiring. You could install a pet door, but some people don't want to do that. Folks who install one of these may have to deal with uninvited raccoons or possums in their homes.

The good thing is tech has gotten good enough for you to install a smart pet door. The pet door only opens up for your pet, and it's able to recognize your pet because he or she is going to have a special collar on. The pet doors available look pretty much like any other pet door, so it should look okay. Installation of these doors are relatively straightforward, but enlisting professional services like this handyman in Mill Creek (or wherever you are) can be a great way to avoid mistakes and ensure your pet receives a good quality product. 

These are some ways you can make your life as a pet owner easier. Always keep a lookout because technology continues to find ways to make your life as a pet owner better.

Author Bio

Sierra Powell graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing. When she's not writing, she loves to cook, sew, and go hiking with her dogs. If you're looking for the best vacuum for pet hair, Sierra recommends Vacuum Warehouse. 

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