5 Reasons Why You Might Need A Dog

  • 19/12/2019

Dogs are amazing creatures and make great pets. They always guarantee availability for a comforting hug and providing endless hours of fun. There are so many benefits of having a furry companion in your life, and aside from being a best friend for life and encouraging extra exercise, they can also improve your mental health too! In fact, you might need a dog more than you realize for the following reasons.

Benefits of Having a Dog

These gorgeous animals are friendly and compassionate in nature, and bring joy and company to so many owners throughout their time spent together. The memories and experiences that you share with your dog help build and strengthen your relationship with them. They become a valued member of your family as this connection deepens.

From helping you become more active to saving you in an emergency crisis, your pet really is a man's best friend. Keep reading to explore more about why dogs make great pets.

1. Loyal companion

Dogs are loyal companions who enjoy being in the company of others and are highly sociable creatures. Seeing them happy, jumping for joy and running around in circles can really bring a smile to your face. Nothing beat's being lovingly greeted by your dog as soon as you come in from work. Or taking a little stretch outside in the fresh air with your dog right by your side.

Their companionship and presence can make you feel loved while dispelling feelings of loneliness and isolation.

2. Great to communicate with

Stemming from being a loyal companion, dogs are also great to talk to. Even though they cannot communicate in the same way as we humans do, they can certainly sense emotions and situations intuitively.

If you're feeling anxious or stressed, or just want to have a chat, your dog can lend a sympathetic ear without being judgmental. Through this, they can provide emotional support and comfort during difficult times. Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Registration can take place whereby you can legally sign your dog up to be registered as your Emotional Support Animal.

3. Encourage exercise

The amount of exercise that you do will significantly increase when having a dog. Without even realising, those long strolls will become extended and you might be out of breath throwing a ball around. These friendly creatures instinctively know what is right for you too!

Walking alone can seem like a boring chore but having a dog is a big incentive to get out and soak in the great outdoors. Even if you don't feel like heading out, your dog certainly will, and they will be the first to let you know! This is one reason why dogs make great pets; they encourage you to exercise and stay healthy.

4. Great for lowering blood pressure

Having a canine companion around can help encourage you to feel more calm and relaxed. This is fantastic for your health and mental well-being. Their presence can prove as a source of distraction and focus, taking your mind away from things that cause you stress and tension. This can help lower your blood pressure and improve your physical health, which is great!

5. Help you to socialise

Your best friend for life can bring about a change you might not have thought would be possible. They are a great way of meeting new people adding to their value as a pet. On your journeys outdoors, you are bound to meet other people along the way. Greeting fellow dog walkers, or striking up a conversation with someone when your dog is with you will feel much easier and natural than if you were alone.

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