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5 Important Features Of A Good Dog Bed

  • 06/08/2020
5 Important Features Of A Good Dog BedA good dog bed is one of the best investments you can make for your canine friend, after all our dogs are such a huge part of our lives, they give us so much love without expecting anything in return. The least we can do is make sure they enjoy the finer things in life, and a lovely, comfortable bed is one of those things that dogs just love.

Dogs will always seek out somewhere comfortable and secure to sleep, and you can help them with that by providing a designer dog bed that offers the comfort, security, and that little bit of luxury that they are looking for.

There are many important things to look for when looking for a bed for your doggy companion, and we’ll go over some here. There’s a great review of the Kong Dog Bed that’s worth a read too.

The correct size

Dogs, as we all know, love to sleep in a variety of different positions, from curled up, to laying on their back with their legs in the air, to completely stretched out and taking up as much room as possible.

A comfortable bed for your dog should allow them to lay comfortably curled up but it should also have enough room for them to turn around and stretch out their legs for comfort. A bed that is too small will leave your dog feeling cramped, and he or she may not want to use the bed at all, whereas a bed that is too large can make your canine friend feel insecure if he or she has too much space around them.

You will know your dog best, and how they like to sleep, so that should help you decide what suits your dog’s personality better. If this is a new addition to your family, either a puppy or a dog you have adopted, it may be more suitable for you to get a more affordable bed that you can replace so that once you figure out your dog’s style, you can adapt.

The right material

Dog beds come in all sizes and also lots of different options of materials and filling. Ideally you want something that can easily be washed, a dog’s life is an exciting and often dirty one, coming from running through puddles and mud and other less fragrant offerings. So, a bed that can be put in the washing machine or have a removable cover for easy washing will make your life so much easier, and keep the bed hygienic. Using a good washing machine such as from brands like LG will definitely keep your beloved pets in good health as it can effectively remove any allergens that could put your pet's health in danger. You don't have to worry much about the LG washing machine repair issues as these are common problems that most washing machines will encounter and it can be easily solved.

There are also waterproof beds available, which suit the more active dog, and if you are going on holiday and taking your best canine friend with you, a waterproof bed can prove invaluable.

Some dogs are known for chewing their way through everything and anything, if you have one of these adventurous dogs, look for a bed that is chew resistant or chew proof. Coming home to find your dog has destroyed the bed and moved the filling all around your home is not a nice thing to come to, with the added worry that they may have eaten some of it which will involve a trip to the vets.

The right padding

There are lots of different paddings and fillings available for dog beds, from polyester to memory foam. Have a good feel of the beds if you can and decide if it would suit your dog.

Some lighter dogs will be more than comfortable on a polyester type padding, whilst larger, heavier breeds will need something more substantial like memory foam to keep them comfortable.

Dogs in general do not have a lot of fat covering places like their elbows, knees, ankles and hips, so the bed needs to be well padded to keep these areas comfortable, keep this in mind when looking for a bed. Usually the thicker the padding the better. Some of the slimmer breeds of dog like salukis and whippets will definitely need that extra padding as their bodies don’t offer much natural protection over those areas just discussed.

Heating or cooling

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and levels of fluff, from the hairless Chinese Crested dog to the large and extremely fluffy St Bernard, and they will require different beds. Some beds have heat reflective material in them to keep them cosier, whilst some will have cooling pads to help your dog cool down.

There are also cot type beds which are raised above the ground on legs, larger dogs often find these easier to get in and out of, and the ability for air to flow underneath helps to keep it cooler.

The shape

As we discussed above, dogs sleep in all sorts of weird and wonderful positions, but you may notice they also like to sleep on certain shaped things. Some dogs love to lay on the sofa with their head on the arm rest, so a bed with a bolster shape would be ideal.

Some like to spread out completely like a starfish, so a flatter mattress type might be a better fit. Some dogs like the security of curling up into a tiny ball and being surrounded on all sides, so the igloo or cave beds might be more suitable.

For our senior canines, or for those with joint and mobility problems, it will be better to look for a bet that doesn’t require a step over a high side to get in and out of, and that they’d don’t have to squeeze themselves into, and that is also well padded to make them more comfy.

With so many beds available, there is something to match both yours and your dog’s needs, remember to put the bed in a suitable place away from extremes of hot and cold, and where your friend feels comfortable. One bed per dog is best, even if they normally snuggle to sleep, and beds in different areas of your home so that your dog can choose where they want to snooze.

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