5 Grooming Hacks For Your Canine Friend

  • 10/04/2019
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Having a pet around can be great company — especially dogs. They benefit your health in various ways.  Dog owners have been shown to have lower cholesterol and don’t suffer from heart diseases. Plus these furry friends are the perfect stress relievers too. It’s no wonder why people say that a dog is a man’s best friend. But sometimes, taking care of your little buddy can be a bit problematic financially.

Grooming a dog can be tough. In fact, most dogs don’t even like being groomed. And on top of that, can you imagine how expensive dog shampoos can be? The prices go higher than the ones you use on yourself. But you can’t part with your dog just because you can’t afford to groom them.

If you are here for some dog maintenance hacks then you have come to the right place. Listed below are some of the hacks you can use to groom your dog without having to spend a fortune!

Dremel Those Nails

Consider a better option by acquiring a Dremel tool that produces far much better results than a clipper.

First, you must use nail trimmers for big nails but if they are medium sized than you can just use a Dremel first. It works like sandpaper and slowly grind the nails until the surface of the nails become small and smooth.

Stock up on Cornstarch

You will be surprised how this ingredient, found in the corners of every cooking shelf, can be useful for dog grooming in several ways.

You can use it to detangle the dog hairs much easily. Simply take a handful of powder and spread it on the tangles — when you comb it, the tangles are easily undone. You can also use corn starch as a DIY shampoo. If you scatter the corn starch on grease or oily spots and brush them away when giving the dog a bath — it’s not that messy and easier to clean up.

Wipe the Muddy Mess

One trip outside for your dog and you find it having dirty ears and paws plus a muddy muzzle in a matter of minutes. Some dogs, like pugs, can be harder to clean because their dark colours can make it hard to find the muddy spots. You may want to find info for pug owners on how to clean them easily.

Save your house floors by wiping off the dirt just before they enter the house. But don’t just use any damp cloth for the job. Your dog might be vulnerable to the bacteria from the dirt so investing in some baby wipes can be a lifesaver. They clean the mess and destroy any germs present.

Brushing before Baths

This method can help reduce the risk of a clogged up bathroom and also decrease the time and effort you spend in the bathroom while bathing your dog.

Use a dematting comb to detangle any stubborn mats and then use a thin brush to get rid of any loose hair. This also helps the drying process.

Hair Trap

If you own a hairy dog – one of your biggest concern would be the amount of hair left behind on furniture. It is impossible to get rid of every bit of hair from your possessions — but we have a great hack just for you.

If you don’t already have a pair of rubber gloves at home — buy them because you will bless their low price existence.

Put on the gloves, get them wet by pouring it in water and then run your gloved hands on your furniture. The hairs will stick to the wet glove and you will have a hairless space in no time.



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