5 Best Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

  • 01/07/2020

You might be surprised, but not all dogs are equally hateful to cats – some canine breeds are very amiable towards feline fellows. But if you dream of having a multi-pet household and want to get a dog, you should consider a few crucial aspects.

First, the dog should not be too big – otherwise, it can injure a cat during playing. Secondly, the pet must not show aggression. Finally, you can choose a suitable dog breed. Which one? Here are five best dog breeds that get along with cats well.

1. Beagle

Beagle is a hound dog with an excellent odor sense. Historically, beagles hunted in groups or accompanied people on horses, so they learned to get along with various animals. Beagles are open and friendly, most of them can comfortably live with cats side by side.

Don’t doubt: it can become friends with a cat, especially if they grow together as a puppy and a kitten. Besides, beagles love kids and require a moderate amount of care (proper nutrition and grooming will be enough).

2. Collie

Like the majority of ship dogs, collies are amiable and obedient. They are easy to deal with, so you can teach them to be friendly to cats. Collies get along with kids and the majority of pets. The only risk of conflicts between pets appears when a collie becomes too overprotective and meddles with the cat’s routine. Since this dog breed was created to watch and protect, cats may be irritated by too much attention.

If a collie is too large for your house, consider getting a Shetland sheepdog – it’s smaller and would be suitable even for apartments.

3. Basset Hound

Often referred to as lazy dogs, basset hounds are pretty passive and phlegmatic – this is exactly what makes them great companions for cats. With such a combination of pets, each of them will mind their own business and enjoy a lot of private space. Basset Hounds don’t need to be explained that cat is not a toy, not a catch – they will accept a four-legged pal without worries. To top it off, Basset hounds can bear the cats’ tricks while avoiding to display aggression. Yet, you should remember that this is a hound dog breed, so the first few weeks together might be stressful for both pets.

4. Labrador

Both yellow lab and Labrador retriever are ideal pets and get along with all family members. Until you command them to attack, they won’t show any signs of aggression towards a cat. Moreover, many Labradors actually like spending time with smaller furry friends.

This is an active dog that adores playing, so your pets will entertain each other. Labradors are pretty smart and may even figure out if a cat is up to games or should be left alone. This is a great cat-friendly breed, so consider taking both Labrador puppy and a kitten to live along right from the start.

5. Pug dog

Pug dogs are friendly and communicative; they miss owners when being left alone. So they won’t mind sharing their house with someone else, and a cat might become a good companion. These dogs don’t tend to race cats and bully them, so pets are not likely to bother each other too much.

Having a dog and a cat living peacefully under one roof is possible if their tempers coincide. The five above-mentioned dog breeds are the most amiable creatures on Earth, and you can expect them to get along even with the grumpiest felines.

Jimmie O'Chutt is an avid pet lover who runs CatPet.Club, a blog about living with cats and making this life fulfilling for both owners and their four-legged friends. Jimmie has also created the CatPet YouTube channel where you can find games for your pet to play.

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