4 Steps to Choose a Dog Crate in 2021

  • 12/09/2021


      Understand the Purpose of a Crate

      A crate is not a cage, even though some look like cages. Cages seem cruel, but a crate is really a dog's den, his doghouse inside the home. In the wild, dogs slept in dens or dug holes just big enough to turn around. They stayed in small, dark places to feel safe from predators. That natural instinct to feel safe is still innate in dogs today. Dogs who have been trained to use a crate love their crate. This is where they will go to sleep at night and during the day. If you have a crate, it's easier to travel with the dog. More hotels allow dogs that are in crates than without crates.


          Use the Crate for Training

          If you're getting a puppy, start using a crate as soon as you get the puppy home. Puppies will not sleep where they have messed, so the crate is good for house-training. The puppies learn to wait until they are outside of the crate before urinating or defecating. Crates also are good for supervision. When the puppy is young, they will chew most anything they see. If crated, they learn to chew on their toys. Furthermore, chew proof crate pad is best for aggressive chewers while training.


              Decide What Type of Crate to Buy

              There are two popular types of crates, plastic and wire. The plastic crates are two molded units that have a wire door in the front. They are light, portable and easy to take apart for storage. Look for one that is sturdy enough so the dog can't chew it. Look for heavy-gauge wire, so it's not flimsy. Also, look for crates that fold easily. Wire crates are not approved by the airlines.


                  Decide on the Size

                  If you have a puppy, buy a puppy-sized crate, not one the puppy will grow into. If you put a puppy in a large crate, it will use one area for relieving itself. If you don't want to spend the money for two crates, put a divider in the large crate and keep the puppy on one side. For adult dogs, choose a crate that is big enough for the dog to turn around in, lie down and stand up. It should be large enough for the dog to stretch out and when standing; its head shouldn't hit the top of the crate. Crates run about $50 to $125. They can be purchased in pet stores, big lot stores and feed stores.


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