3 Tips For Getting Your Dog To Stop Messing With Cat Litter

  • 11/06/2019

As a pet owner, you want to ensure your pets are comfortable and taken care of. Part of doing this means supplying yourself with all the tools you need to successfully train them. If you have both cats and dogs, it’s important to create a healthy boundary between the two so there are no problems.

With cats, choosing the right litter box and kitty litter is essential. Without the right pet care supplies, you may have a difficult time potty-training your cat. However, your dog may try to eat that cat litter or mess around where they shouldn’t. Here are some ways to prevent this from happening:

1.     A Change in Routine

If your cat was previously owned by someone else, find out what litter and box the previous owner used. By using the same box that they used, your cat will have a much simpler time settling into your home.

On the other hand, if you’ve had your dog for a while, the consistency you are trying to provide for your cat may feel like inconsistency to your dog. Introducing new things into your home, like a litter box, may feel like a shock to your dog.

Because of this, they’ll want to go snooping around where they shouldn’t. One way you can prevent your dog from messing with your cat’s litter is by putting the litter box in an inconspicuous location.

Try and find an area of your house where your dog doesn’t wander off to very much. This way, they won’t notice any change in their routine, and you can focus on getting your cat accustomed to your home.

2.     Taste Deterrent

Another way to keep your dog from eating cat litter is by adding a taste deterrent. These deterrents are safe for your animal and simply keep them from wanting to indulge.

You can speak to your veterinarian about adding a taste deterrent to your cat’s diet. Once they ingest it and go to the bathroom, it will make what’s left in the litter box extra unappealing to your dog.

You can even make your own deterrent by adding pepper or hot sauce to the litter box. To ensure your dog doesn’t rush to a water source to get rid of the taste, restrict access to their water bowl for 10 minutes. This way, there’s enough time for them to learn their lesson.

3.     Choosing the Right Litter

There are a number of things you should consider before buying cat litter that will help your dog as well. Here are a few things to consider when choosing kitty litter:

·        Choose an unscented litter. Scented types have unnecessary chemicals in them that aren’t completely safe for your animals.

·        Choose a litter that is dust-free. Litters with dust can cause respiratory problems for your cat and dog.

·        While the choice between clumping and non-clumping litter is up to preference, a lot of cat owners prefer clumping litter because it is easier to clean. Clumping materials also minimize the chances of odor since you’re able to scoop out the liquid and solid waste continuously. Without an odor, there will be nothing for your dog to be attracted to.

·        Always choose an odor-absorbing option. Most cat litters promise this, but it doesn’t hurt to check. Do a double-check at the pet store before choosing a litter that will leave your house smelling awful. Also, your dog won’t be attracted to it if it doesn’t have an odor.

To see comprehensive reviews of some of the best kitty litters on the market, read this review by CatWorld. These ratings will help you make an informed decision that your cat will thank you for.

The Takeaway

It is possible to welcome your kitty into your home while also keeping your dog safe from the gross habit of eating the litter. By following these tips, you’ll create a space where cats and dogs can co-exist.

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