Afghan Hound - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Afghan Hound

  • 26/11/2010


The Afghan Hound has thick, fine-textured, silky coat on the ribs, legs, flank, forequarters, and hindquarters. Their ears and four feet are feathered. A mature Afghan Hound traditionally has short hair from the front, to the back of the shoulders, along the saddle of the flanks and the upper part of the rib area forming a smooth back. The head of this breed is surmounted with a cluster of silky, long hair, which is a distinctive characteristic of Afghan Hounds. They come in all colors, although white markings, specifically on the head, are considered undesirable. Some are almost white, although particolour hounds (white with spots of red or black) are unacceptable and may connote impurity.


The Afghan Hound loves to run. Accessible fenced area where they can run is essential to keep them happy. Approximately thirty minutes of running in a day is advisable. They should have moderate to high activity. This type of breed also appreciates regular walks daily. They must constantly be provided with fresh water, as they tend to heat up easily due to their thick, long fur.


A typical Afghan Hound may be aloof and dignified, but clownish and lively when playing. This breed is loyal, affectionate, and sweet, although they exhibit strong dominance over other males. They are sharp, and go along well with older children, and other animals.


The Afghan Hound is very popular, and makes a good companion. Elegant and devoted, this type of breed is loyal, but can be shy around strangers. Socialization is crucial for them.


The Afghan Hound needs quite a bit of attention. Daily grooming is highly recommended, but complete grooming twice or more in a week for two hours each time should do it. Ears should be checked and cleaned constantly. Special grooming tools are required for this breed.


The Afghan Hound is widely known to have high problem solving skills, and relatively slow in obedience intelligence. They are sensitive, so trainers should be gentle, but firm and consistent. Afghans are said to ignore and refuse commands from trainers or humans whom they have not developed close relationships with. This breed should receive proper training and socialization. Lack of it can result to destructive behavior and disobedience. Although they respond positively to rewards, training is challenging for this type of dog. They need a committed and strong owner to be able to train Afghans because they may learn fast, but they are difficult to train due to their independent nature.


Afghan Hounds are beautiful, gay, and intelligent. This breed is commonly seen in dog shows. They are aloof, loyal, dignified, and shy, but could be disobedient if not trained correctly. Calm dog if indoors, but quick and lively outdoors. They are sociable, and can tolerate older children if not pestered by them.

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