Whippet - Facts You Must Know About Whippets

  • 18/01/2011

Breed Description
The Whippet is a long breed of graceful thin limbs. A well-balanced breed with powerful and muscular hind legs, they come in 18-22 inches tall, and weighs between 12-28 pounds.

The Whippet has a short, smooth coat that lies close to the body. The texture is firm but soft. These thin coated breed does not tolerate cold weather, so they would need a considerable protection from cold climates.

The Whippet is a fairly active dog. They should be taken on a long walk daily, or be let off-leash in a fenced yard. It is important to supervise them off-leash as they tend to chase and may even hurt any small animals that runs. These dogs would do best if provided with a large yard where they can run, but can live without it as well.

The Whippet is sensitive both physically and mentally. They do not take harsh conditions and treatment very well. Their independent streak makes them quite challenging to train. They are generally calm indoors, making them excellent household pet. When it comes to young children, they are known to play gently with them. Outdoors, these dogs would run and play with great intensity especially when involved in sports. They may not mix well with other household animals especially cats, except the ones they have grown alongside with. They are devoted and friendly to those they are friends with, but aloof around strangers.

The Whippet is an elegant greyhound that has developed by crossing terriers with greyhounds. These dogs were formerly used in coursing, which were a form of gambling in England. This breed makes an excellent track racer, and may reach up to 37 miles/hour.

The Whippet is a low-maintenance breed that doesn't require that much grooming. They are not susceptible to any conditions that are usually seen with other dog breeds including dry skin, so cleaning these dogs can be as simple as rubbing down with damp cloth periodically. Due to their short coat, it is not recommended that they be left outside for long especially during cold climates as they are very vulnerable to cold.

Training the Whippet will require a warm and gentle handler. These sensitive dogs are highly intelligent yet independent. They would require a lot of variety to get their attention. Have training sessions short and fun, mixing it with plays works best for this breed. This breed will do great in obedience and with a job to do. They love to run around, and would be exceptionally great in sprinting sports.

The Whippet makes a wonderful family pet if properly reared. This sensitive and intelligent breed responds well to training despite its fascination to chase small prey that may lead it to run off. They would require a lot of exercise, and will also be happy in an apartment dwelling provided they are given enough exercise daily.

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