Tibetan Terrier - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Tibetan Terrier

  • 18/01/2011

Breed Description
The Tibetan Terrier is a squarely-shaped breed that looks a lot like sheepdog than a terrier. This medium-sized breed has a large face that appears happy. This breed weighs around 18-30 pounds, and stands between 14-17 inches tall.

The coat of the Tibetan Terrier is double layered. It enables them to be protected all the time, face included. They have long, fine topcoat that can either be wavy or straight, while the inner coat is woolly and soft. This breed may come in any coat color or a mixture of these, aside from chocolate.

The Tibetan Terrier is a somewhat energetic breed that will require an hour of exercise minimum daily. It is important that their daily activity will include taking them to a dog park and let them off-leash and run around freely. This fairly energetic breed will be best suited for households with backyard where they can run freely in. They can do well in an apartment dwelling as well, provided that they get their daily dose of exercise.

The sensitive and responsive Tibetan Terrier makes a wonderful family pet. They will adore their owners and will go greatly with children and other dogs as well. They are friendly and polite, but will generally be aloof around strangers. These are affectionate dogs, and will only require a few meetings before they consider a once-stranger a friend. This kind and patient breed has an easy-going disposition that will go greatly with families who are laid back.

Originated in Tibet, the Tibetan Terrier has been primarily used as holy dog, good luck, companion, and herding dog. The origin of this breed goes back to Ancient times. Also known as Dhokhi Apso, this breed has been mystically associated with Lamaist monasteries.

The Tibetan Terrier will only require care and grooming at a weekly basis. Brushing and combing should be done with a firm-bristle brush to get rid of mats and tangling. They should only be bathed when necessary. It is important to keep their nails trimmed, and regularly check their ears, teeth, and feet.

The Tibetan Terrier will require gentle training with emphasis on positive reinforcement as they can be slightly stubborn at times. Consistency and repetition are key components in training this breed, but sessions must be kept short but fun to keep them motivated. Interesting lessons will keep these terriers excited to learn, making them pick up on the commands faster.

The Tibetan Terrier is an amiable and affectionate family pet. These are sensitive to their masters, and are generally gentle with older children. The fact that they have been formerly used as watch dogs, they have the inclination to be aloof around strangers, yet they are never shy or aggressive.

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