Laekenois - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Laekenois

  • 15/01/2011

Breed Description

The Laekenois is a sturdy breed with muscular body. Build to work as shepherd, this medium-sized breed has a well-proportioned structure that belongs in the sheepdog family. They usually weigh between 55-56 pounds, with the height that varies based on gender. The taller male Laekenois stands 24-26 inches, while the female stands 22-24 inches tall.


The coat of the Laekenois is thick, and woolly. Shaggy and rough in texture, the muzzle and the head are fringed, with bushy hair on the tail. With water resistant coat, this breed should not be bathed frequently as this could remove this water proof layer. The coat color of the Laekenois may vary from Mahogany to Fawn, and are often found in white and brown, too.


The Laekenois require a great deal of mental and physical stimulation. Not recommended for apartment or city dwelling, this breed will be best in rural setting, with a job to accomplish. They should be given enough space where they can safely run and roam freely in. They are skilled in search and rescue, tracking, sledding, police work, and herding.


The intelligent and hardworking Laekenois has strong protective instinct. This breed will not tolerate lying around, and will be destructive if they get bored. They should be kept busy, and will do great in an environment wherein they are given a job to do. As shepherds, they have the inclination to herd people, and even other animals through nipping on their foot.

Loyal and loves attention, the Laekenois will be happier of they sleep with the family. Although they are affectionate, they are choosy when it comes to their owners. They should be properly socialized as puppies for them to get along well with other pets.


Bred for guarding and herding sheep, the Laekenois is among the four Belgian Shepherds. They are even considered the rarest of them all.


Combing the Laekenois on a daily basis is important to avoid matting. Professional trimming twice a year is recommended. Bathing should be done when necessary.


The Laekenois loves to be challenged mentally. They will love to take on any training that is given to them. Properly training this highly intelligent breed is crucial. They should never be trained using harsh methods as they will end up reacting negatively to training attempts. Rewards should therefore be used instead of punishments.

As a general rule for the Laekenois need more mental stimulation than physical exercise. They love working things out and be pushed towards their limit. So, training them at herding or advanced obedience classes is recommended. However, if trainers are not too confident in training this breed, it is a good idea to enroll them in a training school.


The medium-sized Laekenois is a squarely-built breed with unkempt exterior. This hardy, agile, and athletic breed has the most distinctive wiry and rough-textured coat.

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