Komondor - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting A Komondor

  • 15/01/2011

Breed Description

Largest among the Hungarian breeds, the Komondor is a white-colored breed of livestock guard dog with corded and long coat. This breed is a powerful breed known to be a Molosser, or largest of the common breeds of dog. This muscular breed weighs an average between 88-110 pounds for females, and 110-132 pounds for males. With no upper height limit, the female Komondor stands 25.5 inches minimum at the withers, averaging 27.5 inches, while the female stands 27.5 inches minimum, with an average of 31.5 inches.


The long-coated Komondor has a corded soft white coat. The corded coat of this breed has been of help in blending with the sheep while herding. Frequently seen coat colors are pure white, white, and cream.


The Komondor requires medium-level of activity since they can exercise themselves. But if owners are highly active, they can give them intensive exercises including a long-distanced run or pulling. As working dogs, they would do well with a purpose and a job to do.


The serious, confident, and commanding Komondor has a natural guardian instinct. They are reserved around strangers, and are known to be very protective and territorial. Highly intelligent, yet easily bored, this breed is known to be very loyal and respectful to their masters. This breed makes a great family dog if socialized and trained thoroughly through puppyhood.


The Komondor is known to be the descendant of Tibetan dogs. Some believe that they were brought to Hungary a thousand years ago by the nomadic Magyars to tend their sheep. But, newer studies have shown that they originally came from the Cumans.


Grooming should be meticulously done for the Komondor. Their coats should never be combed or brushed. It would be best if they are taken to a professional groomer as their coat needs to be separated and formed into cords while growing. Breeders usually take 2 hours weekly in separating the cords to prevent mat from forming. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary, then they should be toroughly dried. Drying their coats may take around 24 hours if air-dried, and 4-8 hours if blow dried.


Training the Komondor is known to be challenging. This intelligent breed can be easily bored, so training sessions will be more effective if intermixed with play. This breed generally loves to learn new tricks, and will commonly try to please its owner. The Komondor will make a great family dog if socialized during puppyhood, raised with children, and trained thoroughly. However, they are not recommended for all families, particularly those with small kids.


With their natural guardian instinct, the Komondor tend to be highly protective, yet calm if not provoked. They excel in obedience and are very eager to please their owners.

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