Keeshond - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting A Keeshond

  • 15/01/2011

Breed Description

The medium-sized Keeshond is a compact breed with vigilant appearance. This sturdy dog weighs an average of 45 pounds for males, and 35 pounds for females. They stand between 17-19 inches tall for males, while 16-18 inches in height for females.


The double-coated Keeshond has a long, straight, and coarse outer coat with inner coat of downy and soft texture. Their coat is thick around the chest, neck, and shoulders. Meanwhile, the hair on their head is short, soft, and smooth. The markings around their eyes resemble spectacles. The coat color is commonly a combination of cream, black, and gray. There can also be black, brown, buff, orange, and white.


The Keeshond requires daily exercise. Highly active indoors, the hyperactivity of this breed can be reduced by making sure they get enough physical activity before having them stay inside the household. Obesity can be a problem for this breed as they tend to gain weight easily. It is important that they get the proper nutrition they need, and exercise to keep weight issues at a minimum. The heavy-coated Keeshond cannot tolerate hot weather, so it is important to keep exercise at a minimum in hot climates.


The Keeshond generally makes great companion dog and watch dog. They are very fond of their family members, but can be a little aloof with strangers, yet never aggressive. They are very watchful of strangers, and will never hesitate to bark off if their territory is being invaded. But they would accept strangers if they have been introduced. Despite their loving nature, Keeshonds may not be for an inexperienced trainer. The intelligence of this breed can be somewhat a disadvantage since they tend to get bored with repetitive training methods. Issues may arise regarding this breed's inclination to invent its own activities such as chewing and digging. They require constant interaction with their owners and a great deal of activity to keep them happy. It is therefore not recommended for those owners who want a dog kept in a kennel or backyard.


The compact, reliable, and muscular Keeshond is a member of the Spitz family. Solely bred as a family pet, this breed is highly skillful as show dog, companion, and watchdog.


The Keeshond requires daily brushing. This clean breed will generally groom themselves. Bathing should only be done when necessary, and the same goes to dry shampooing.


Keeshond training can be challenging. They are independent and manipulative, often demonstrating a willful and stubborn personality. Yet, they are known to excel at obedience and are very intelligent. It is important to use consistent and positive, but firm training.


Naturally outgoing, the Keeshond is dubbed as the "Smiling Dutchman" due to their skill of curling their lip that looks almost like a grin. They usually do this as a welcoming gesture for people they are fond of.

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