How To Train A Golden Retriever Not To Bark Too Excessively

  • 16/12/2018

If you have a Golden Retriever, then you must be annoyed by your dog’s bark. As you already realised the fact that Golden Retriever dogs barks a lot and it can be super annoying at times. That’s why we thought of sharing a how to train a golden retriever not to bark too excessively guide.

So you can train your dog and so he or she won't bark too much. Golden Retrievers do not bark too often. They only bark if they sense something wrong or they are not comfortable with something. Like by hearing a door knock or something.

However, there are some certain steps that you can take to make your dog stop barking. So let’s just go ahead and talk about the steps:

How to train a golden retriever not to bark too excessively?

Try to understand your dog:

First of all, you need to understand your dog. Why your dog is barking? Is it because there is something outside the door or they are hungry or bored. There could be quite a lot of reasons. Golden Retrievers usually do not bark a lot unless there is something wrong with them. So at first you better figure this out and in case if you figure out that your dog is barking for no reason, then you need to take further steps.

Train your dog between Family and Friends:

If your dog is barking to see a stranger, then it is completely fine. To make your dog stop barking, you can train your dog between your family and friends. Make your dog spend time with your family members so your dog can get used to them and consider them as a family. So next time your dog sees them, he or she will not bark.

Even if your dog is barking because of a specific person, then involve the person in your training.

Find Out Why Your Dog is barking:

If your dog barks only if he is in a specific place. Then you need to figure out what is wrong. Like if your dog is in the backyard and he or she is barking. Then there must be something that bothering your dog and to stop the bark simply figure out why your dog is barking then see if your golden retriever still barking or not.

Don’t Let Them Be Alone:

Golden retriever also barks when they are alone. So if this is the case then do not let your dog be alone. Make sure to be around your dog or make someone to stay around your dog so he won't feel alone and as a result, he or she will not bark.

Teach Your Dog to Bark:

This is one of the smart ways that you can apply to make your dog stop barking. At first, you have to teach your dog how to bark on your command. Then your dog starts doing it then train your dog not to bark on your command. When your dog is mastered at this skill, you can easily stop his or her barking by commanding. You can teach your dog by giving food as a reward system.

Use an anti-bark collar:

You can find quite a lot of anti-bark collars in the market. These types of colours will get activated when your dog starts barking and give your dog an electric shock. Also, there is another type of collar which leaves a scent of citronella which dogs dislike.

So this way your dog will understand that he will get an electric shock if he or she makes a noise. However, we would advise you to use this as your last option as harming an innocent dog without understanding the bark reason would not be a good thing to do.

Get a Quality Dog Training Online Program in Cheap:

You can also get a professional dog training online course to make your golden retriever stop barking. It is a much better option rather than hiring any professional dog trainers for thousands of dollars. Online Training programs provide the same information as any offline dog training program and the best thing is online dog training programs like The Online Dog Trainer are much cheaper.

Final Words:

So that was a guide on How to train a golden retriever not to bark too excessively. Now go ahead and try these methods and see if they are helpful or not.

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