How To Stop Your Weimaraner From Biting

  • 01/12/2013

Many Weimaraner owners want to know how to stop their Weimaraner from biting, and it can be very hard on the owner trying to work out how to control the behaviour. A Weimaraner that bites is insufferable at first. But as they grow older, they become a danger, both to your immediate family and other people. If your Weimaraner biting people starts to manifest, take action quickly to stop it no matter how old they are.

How to Stop Your Puppy from Biting

The best and most crucial time to identify this type of behaviour and nip it in the bud is when the Weimaraner is still at a young age. A puppy who is under five to six months of age will be fairly easy to rehabilitate, because your puppy is still in the developmental years of its lifetime.

The major problem is that people believe their puppy is just teething or messing around and isn't really trying to bite to hurt them. The puppy is in reality working out how to emphasize its position in the household. The puppy will bite you to show that it is in control. To stop your puppy from biting it has to start right now when they are open to suggestion.

There are a variety of ways you can stop your Weimaraner from biting. Most will copy the way the puppy will be treated by its mother and litter mates. A light nip on the top of the neck, a whinging noise when have been bitten, and where you give the Weimaraner a chew toy instead of biting on your fingers are good ways to teach your Weimaraner that biting is not tolerable.

How to Stop Weimaraner Biting at One Year

If a Weimaraner starts biting it will think that it is okay and that it is in control of the home. It will start to bite more often when it is a youngster around about one year old. There are many influences that can be contributing to this behaviour. You should stop playing dominance related games with your Weimaraner like tug of war, wrestling or other such types of games.

Also do not give your Weimaraner full access to the house. Give them restrictions, cut down on where they can and can't go, even crate train them if you want to. A good program for obedience training can be helpful with Weimaraner biting issues.

How to Stop Weimaraner Biting as they Get Older

If your Weimaraner biting issues continues to get in the way with their overall behaviour, it will turn into a very large problem when your dog is fully grown. The Weimaraner might retaliate against their owner but the Weimaraner will always puts himself as the dominant leader of the household.

You will need to find professional help straightaway if your dog is still trying to bite anyone after one year of age. Because there is severe danger here that the Weimaraner might choose to emphasize its authority at any time by attacking anything that it interprets as a threat.

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