Enjoy Your Dachshund - 6 Tips To Train Your Dog

  • 26/01/2014

All owners of dogs realize that a well-trained dog is a safe dog and a much more enjoyable pet.

As a Dachshund owner you can make your dog more fun to have around and help eliminate the possibility of back problems. One of the biggest issues you can have with a dog that has such a long back is uncontrolled running, jumping, twisting and doing things that they shouldn't be doing.

Training your dog to do what they should do will help you control their actions and make having them around a lot more enjoyable.

Training your pet is not as hard as you might think. You just need patience, perseverance and some proven simple tactics that will help you teach them successfully. This training will keep them under control and not let them do things that could injure them.

My Longhair, Nellie, is probably one of the most stubborn animals I have ever tried to train. I have successfully trained 3 other family pets, but Nellie was a real trial. I learned a lot from my experience with her and I would like to pass along some information to you.

Here are 6 tips to help you in your training

Tip 1

You should be the only one trying to train your dog.

Too many people trying to train your dog will only cause confusion and will most likely retard any progress that has already been made. If you are not the dogs main person, work with that person and let them do the actual training.

Tip 2

Take your dog out of the house for training and socializing.

If you take your Dachshund to a pet store, park or doggie park you have the opportunity to train them in a new environment. By introducing new dogs and people, you can see if your training has been successful.

Tip 3

You should use positive reinforcements and not fear tactics to train your pet.

If your dog does something good, reward the behavior with positive words and loving pats on the head and body. This will reinforce that what they did was right and pleased you.

You can use treats in order to encourage your dog, but don't over do it.

Tip 4

If the dog cannot understand or follow your commands, or just refuses to follow them, never push the issue.

We have to remember that dogs are not as intelligent as humans. What you should realize is that they probably won't understand your commands in just one training session. Even with humans, it takes at least 7 repetitions before the training sticks and becomes successful.

Tip 5

Don't overload and confuse your dog.

Teach commands one at a time. Don't move on to another command until your Dachshund has mastered the one you are teaching. Start with the basics, sit, stay and come.

By teaching your dog these basic commands you can control them and maybe eliminate the possibility of injury to your pet.

Tip 6

Keep your voice friendly and cheerful when you are teaching your dog.

Pets want to please their owners and if you show them that you are happy, they will do even more to please you.. Dogs will respond to a low, loving and coaxing voice. If you yell or shout, they may become startled and unresponsive.

Training your Dachshund can sometimes be tough, mainly because they can be very stubborn. But keep at it because the effort will be worth it.

In the end, you will have a dog that is well-behaved, fun to have around and much less likely to cause injury to themselves. Just imagine, no more wild barking, uncontrolled jumping and generally bad behavior.

Life is a lot more enjoyable and safe for your dog when you have made the effort to train them.

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