Bull Terrier - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Bull Terrier

  • 01/12/2010

Do you own a new puppy? If you want to start training your new puppy, here's what you should learn about to prime you in new puppy training.

The Bull Terrier is a well-rounded muscular dog with a sturdy build. This breed is athletic, energetic, and strong that weighs an average of 45-80 pounds, and is 20-24 inches tall.


The coat of the Bull Terrier is very short, harshly-textured, and is lying very flat against the body. Their coat color is solid white, with pigmentation of the skin and specks on the head. In other colored varieties, color must be more remarkable over the white. Black, red, fawn, brindle, and tri-colored are acceptable.


Bull Terriers are highly active dogs and therefore should have regular chances to spend their pent-up energy. They should have enough physical and mental stimulation to keep them from being bored and restless. Bored Bull Terriers are known to chew drywalls, rip furniture, and turning yards into a pile of giant craters.


The Bull Terrier is people-loving, highly attentive, lively dog. This breed needs human interaction and attention to be secured and happy. They love children, and are sturdy enough to make delightful companions for children of all ages. As with other terrier breeds, the Bull Terrier tend to become somewhat jealous and possessive of both objects and people, so they need to be taught to share. Teasing may also be a problem with this breed, so children as well as adults should not engage in types of play that the dog might interpret as teasing.


The Bull Terrier was bred from crosses of terriers and bulldogs to create a fighter breed. They were primarily used for bull-baiting, then for dog fighting.


The Bull Terrier is relatively easy to care for. Weekly rubbing with a rubber grooming mitt or brushing with a firm bristle brush are all they need. It is important to check the eyes and ears regularly for any signs of irritation or discharge. While this breed is not susceptible to eye or ear infection, it is always advisable to check for potential problems before they arise. Chamois cloth may also be used after grooming for additional shine of this breed's coat. They are generally clean, therefore does not require regular bathing.


In training the Bull Terrier, it is imperative to ensure that they get regular interaction and socialization with other dogs and different people to lessen the risk of being a highly aggressive and overly possessive dog. As a dominant breed, they need firm and consistent training with loving and positive approach. As puppies, authority should be established by the humans, as they may develop bad habits if they think otherwise.

The Bull Terrier is a highly intelligent breed, and will quickly learn who the boss is. Only one person should work with the puppy until commands are fully understood by them. Leash or lead training is required early on for this breed. This breed should always be supervised when outside the yard. Early lead training through obedience program is essential together, as with proper socialization. This breed is known to excel at obedience and agility based events.


The Bull Terrier is gentle and affectionate. This breed is generally brave and feisty, but is not hostile towards people. They love attention and want a great deal of supervision and companionship. They are loyal and obedient, making them excellent family pets if socialized and trained properly.

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