You Lucky Dog! Five Times A Dog Brought People Different Types Of Good Luck

  • 18/01/2018

Most dog owners would agree that their brings them lots of good things - friendship, loyalty, a reason to exercise, for example. However, there are some people that have even found that dogs can bring them unbelievable luck. Let's take a look at the most unusual - and the most entertaining - lucky dog stories from the news.

1. Ruby, the lucky lotto dog

Take, for instance, Ruby the retriever who effectively doubled a couple’s lottery win when she dislodged a lottery ticket that had been left in the car by accident. The dog’s owners had celebrated winning almost £150,000 on Euromillions a few days earlier. But when Ruby jumped back in the car after a walk, she moved a catalogue where the second winning ticket had been concealed. When the dog’s owner, Jane Slater, picked up the ticket she realised that she and her husband had won another £150,000 playing Euromillions.

2. Kelsey, the lifesaver

When a Michigan man called Bob went out to get some firewood on New Year’s Eve, he thought he’d back inside his home within a few moments. However, he slipped and broke his neck, and was left stuck in freezing conditions wearing just his longjohns. His dog, Kelsey, came to his rescue and kept him warm by lying on top of him for almost 24 hours, whilst barking constantly to raise the alarm. Eventually, Bob’s neighbour heard the dog’s howls and came to investigate what was going on - and was able to contact the emergency services, saving Bob’s life.

3. The dog that prevented a kidnapping

Last summer, a 10-year-old girl was walking her dog in her neighbourhood in Virginia, when a man grabbed her arm and attempted to abduct her. However, the dog defended his young mistress, biting the assailant on the arm and causing him to flee. The attacker was not found, but it was thanks to the dog’s actions that the little girl was able to get home safely.

4. The dog that raised a fire alarm

When Johny Hawkes from Burry Port in Wales went for a bit of a sleep while his dinner was cooking, he had no idea of the danger that he was in. A fire started in the kitchen and Johny was saved from potential death by his neighbour, who had gone to investigate why Johny’s Rottweiler Roxy was barking so fiercely. The dog’s actions not only saved her owner’s life, but also the lives of his 20 or so exotic pets that he shared his flat with. They all escaped the fire unharmed.

5. The dog that saved a man from drowning

Some dogs, it seems, don’t only bring their owner's good luck. One Spanish dog called Nanook was being walked by her owner near the sea when she suddenly started barking and pulling her owner towards the sea. Her owner couldn’t understand her behaviour until he spotted a man in trouble in the water, and was able to alert the authorities so that the man could be rescued.

Of course, not every dog's a hero or the purveyor of good luck for the people around them. But clearly, there's always the potential for your little Fido or Rover to do something amazing one day!

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