Why Is Cat Food Dangerous For My Dog?

  • 01/07/2020

Many pet owners make a big mistake by giving cat food to a dog and thinking it’s not a big deal. The reasons may be different. Some dogs love the flavor of cat food (pretty often, economy-class products contain artificial flavors). Owners may serve cat kibbles when they run out of dog chow or decide to buy cheaper options regardless of whether it’s feline food or not.

You have got a multi-pet household? Let’s find out why you must not serve cat food to your canine pet. Note that we take only medium-class and premium products into account. Economy-class options contain a lot of by-products and addictive artificial flavors and preservatives - they are harmful to both cats and dogs.

1. Too much protein

Cat food contains 10-15% more protein and less carbs than dog chow, which poses a serious threat to the dog’s health. First, it affects digestion. Secondly, excess consumption of protein is dangerous for the heart, kidneys, and vessels, not mentioning that it causes obesity.

2. Fiber excess

Cats need more fiber for better digestion, which means cat food contains more of it. Dogs eating fiber-rich cat foods suffer from lack of vitamins and fat-soluble minerals, diarrhea, vomiting, and other intestinal issues.

3. Improper balance of vitamins and minerals

Since cat food is rich in vitamins E and PP, dogs consuming it suffer from dizziness, apathy, digestion problems, and skin dryness. Excess of vitamin PP leads to stool problems, nausea, skin itching, and irregular heartbeat. Such elements as Iodine and Phosphorus cause kidney diseases, problems with heart, lungs, and skin, as well as with issues with intestine, liver, and even bones.

On the opposite, some certain vitamins are absent in cat foods. For example, a lack of vitamin K and D3 leads to problems with vision, skin, and fur. Lack of vitamin C causes weakness and gum bleeding. In dogs, D3 is also important for joints and muscles, while vitamin K improves blood clotting ability.

4. Taurine is of no use

While cats get taurine from food, the dog’s body produces this element by synthesizing it from amino acids. If a dog consumes much taurine, it might face problems with kidneys, heart, skin, and reproductive system. Some dogs are allergic to taurine - it provokes skin itching and dryness.

5. Risk of obesity

Some experts claim that it’s okay to serve cat food to undernourished dogs. But this should be an exception from the rule. Dogs eating cat food on a regular basis are prone to being overweight because it contains too much protein and calories, lacks grains and plant-based components.

Bottom Line

It’s not a secret that dogs adore cat food, but they have a different intestinal system and need foods. Grains and plant-based components prevail in the canine diet. Make sure your pets are eating from their own bowls only and keep your cat’s meals away from its four-legged friends.

Jimmie O'Chutt is an avid pet lover who runs CatPet.Club, a blog about living with cats and making this life fulfilling for both owners and their four-legged friends. Jimmie has also created the CatPet YouTube channel where you can find games for your pet to play.

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