Why CBD Oil? Because Dogs Get Depressed, Too

  • 25/03/2019

If you think that only humans can be diagnosed with anxiety and depression, you’re absolutely wrong; dogs can exhibit signs of anxiety and depression, too. In fact, veterinarians diagnose dogs with these two ailments quite often.

Let’s tackle a few common statements below. We’ll name the most popular opinions, and then we’ll conclude whether it’s more true or false.

Dogs don’t have anxiety.

That is false. Dog’s actually have anxiety all the time. For instance, small dogs typically experience separation anxiety, especially when left at home and alone. They feel protected when you’re around, and when you’re not around, they feel helpless. This is why they tend to freak out, bark, pant, and eliminate in the house.

Dogs can also have anxiety for other reasons, too, including:

-         anxiety around other dogs

-         anxiety around men or women, depending on past experiences

-         anxiety during thunderstorms

-         anxiety to take baths

The list can go on and on. In reality, dogs can have anxiety over just about anything.

Dogs don’t get depressed.

That is false. Dogs can get depressed just as often as we do. Most of the time, when a dog is showing signs of depression, he or she is in either emotional or physical pain.

Emotional pain can be related to:

-         being ignored

-         being abused

-         being left outside

-         no human contact

Physical pain can be related to:

-         inflammation

-         cancer

-         joint issues

-         mobility issues

-         broken bones

Those are just a few of the more common reasons. The list can continue on.

Can CBD oil and products help combat both anxiety and depression?

Yes, it absolutely can.

When your dog has anxiety, his or her brain is suffering through an imbalance of chemicals. It’s likely that depression does the same thing to his or her brain, according to research. However, when you introduce CBD oil and/or products to his or her brain, your stabilizing that imbalance of chemicals, therefore making it balanced.

What’s more, is that if you give your dog CBD oil, you’re also affecting his or her Serotonin levels and Adenosine receptors roaming around in the brain, inadvertently helping them work properly.

Fortunately, this is all excellent news, as your dog will now start to behave normally and begin to live a more balanced, better quality way of life.

Can CBD oil help in other areas of my dog’s life?

Yes, it absolutely can.

CBD oil has many benefits to it. Not only can the solution help out with your dog anxiety and depression, but it can also help out with the following:

-         tumour or cancer-related pain

-         inflammation due to joint or bone issues

-         loss of appetite

-         mood stabilization

-         physical pain due to injury

-         epileptic seizures and common side effects

-         arthritis-related issues

-         stabilization of diabetes

-         allergies and itching symptoms

-         issues related to sleep

-         improvement in general quality of life

By - DogDreamCbd

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