Is Your Dog Smelly? Here’S What You Need To Do

  • 12/02/2018

Whether it is a normal stinky dog or your infamous dog smell, keeping the dog from bad-smelling is an imperative part of having a dog. You should be able to cuddle and hug your dog, however when the dog stinks, cuddle and hug can be unpleasant for you. There are some particular dogs that smell awful while different dogs simply have an average dog smell. Anyway, if you also want to enjoy time with the dog without feeling embarrassment, there are some important things you can do to keep the dog from smelling bad.

Nobody loves to play with the stinky dog. Here is what you can do to prevent your dog from smelling bad:

Bathing your dog

Many vets recommend bathing dogs every couple of weeks because bathing your dog more often can cause itchy, flaky, dry skin. You should bath your dog with quality shampoo and also rinse it properly. The shampoo left on dog’s skin because of inappropriate rinsing brings various skin problems and other diseases. The hair dryer of your dog can lead to heart attack.

Fortunately, there are many dryers accessible that would properly work for the nervous dog. You should utilize a quality brush that can work on the undercoat. Once your dog has been completely washed and appropriately dried, you can use grooming spray on it. The grooming spray is not intended to take out the odour; however, it does help the dog smell well. So, bathing can prevent your dog from smelling bad.

Add vegetables and fruits to your dog’s diet

Your dog’s awful breath can be a continuous irritation. It is difficult to find out right dog bad smell remover for the mouth. One proven cure is to blend the dog-friendly vegetables and fruits in the dry dog food.

The dog might not eat the vegetables or fruit at first — however, if you continue adding these to your dog’s food consistently, your dog will start eating the healthy foods. This helps to remove the dog's bad breath.

Brushing your dog

It is important to brush your dog properly to prevent bad-smelling. I have never seen a puppy that did not love the consideration and a decent brushing after they get used to brush or comb. In the event that your puppy is not keen for brushing, continue working at it since it is an awesome method to fortify bond with your dog and to remove odour from them, it is also useful for their skin and coat. Also, this keeps loose hair off of your bed, floors, and furniture. The brushing evacuates dirt and dander and helps expel the unpleasant smells.

Brushing your dog is also an important part of grooming your dog. You can learn more about dog grooming here at How to Groom a Dog.

Brushing your dog’s teeth

Another ideal approach to remove the dog’s bad breath is to brush the dog’s teeth consistently. In case, there is a great deal of plaque developed already, at that point take the dog to professional doggie dental at the veterinary office. You need to brush the dog’s teeth at least time a week.

However, if you have not brushed the dog’s teeth frequently, then once a week can be excessive at first —begin with every two to three weeks. On the off chance that the dog doesn’t bear having the finger brush inside their mouth, you can rub the dog’s teeth with the washcloth. Brushing their teeth is important for preventing bad smell from dogs.

Use cornstarch or baking soda as dry shampoo for dog

Cornstarch and baking soda are great things to keep if you are a dog owner. The cornstarch can prevent your dog’s toenail from bleeding on the off chance that you trimmed it short. The cornstarch can likewise help stop skin itchiness frequently connected with the dry skin and hot areas.

The baking soda and cornstarch are additionally helpful at evacuating the ordinary bad dog smell! Just sprinkle the baking soda or cornstarch on the dog’s coat and utilize a towel to massage it into the dog’s skin. So, cornstarch and baking soda work incredibly well as dog bad smell remover!

Final words

In case, your dog lives in an environment where it will enter your home stinking, you will regularly need to tidy up the house, upholsteries, and carpets, as well as work to free your house from dog odours. So, you need to watch this out! Next time your dog just rolled in something unsavoury or caught in the rain or your dog has just bad breath. Regardless of the reason, these methods will help you out to prevent dog odours. You can keep your dog healthy and happy by preventing the dog bad odours by following the above-given methods.




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Kathie Lukas is a freelance writer. She’s a passionate pet lover her topic areas mostly cover pet health and pet grooming and loves to travel and has a never-ending love for food. She has completed her graduation in animal sciences from the Kansas State University. You can find her on twitter @iamkathilukas.

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