How To Keep Your Dog Healthy During Hot Summer Days

  • 03/05/2019

Some dog breeds tend to suffer hard during the summer months. If not monitored properly, your pooch can suffer a heat stroke or any other heat-related issue which can be very dangerous, even deadly. So, here’s how to keep your dog healthy and happy regardless of the heat.

Don’t leave your dog outside

No matter how used to being outside your dog is, you shouldn’t leave it in the heat and sun for an extended period of time. As the outside temperature increases, it’s best to reduce the time your pup spends outside.

Provide fresh water and shade

All that panting will make your dog quite thirsty. So make sure to always have fresh water for cool-off and plenty of shade for cover. Spending time outside in the summer is fun, but it’s great to have some shade when things get too hot.

Don’t shave your pup

Many owners think they’re helping by shaving their dog, but fur is a great insulator. It can keep your pup cool thanks to the layer of air trapped in fur and it also provides sun protection. Dogs will light-coloured fur can get sunburns, especially when shaved down to the skin. So, leave their natural fur and make sure to protect your short-haired pups with specialised sunscreen. 

Keep its paws protected

When the sun is at its strongest, it can quickly turn surfaces like sand, asphalt and metal serious hot. Hot surfaces will not only burn your dog’s paws but also increase its body temperature and contribute to overheating. So, if you’re planning any outings and walks during an extreme weather conditions, protect your dog’s feet. Whether you are taking your dog out on a rainy day or hot summer sunlight, invest in dog booties or socks. There are also specialised paw moisturisers that will keep your dog’s toe beans safe from cracking, peeling, and cuts. Also, avoid driving around with your dog in the bed of a truck (hot metal can cause serious burns).

Invest in a fun kiddy pool

Dogs who love to take a plunge will love this activity even more in the summer. Getting wet will keep your pup cool and provide it with plenty of fun. So, make sure to grab a cheap kid-sized pool and make your dog happy. This is also a perfect chance to give your dog a bath when it’s already wet. Pick a quality dog shampoo and give your pup a nice bath after all that play in the water and rolling around in the dirt.

Keep your windows screened

It’s a great idea to keep your home well-ventilated in the summer. However, make sure to install window screens to prevent your dog from jumping out. Summer is an exciting time with a lot of commotion outside, so keep them safely inside until it’s time to take a walk.

If you take good care of your pup, it will have the best summer and welcome colder weather happy, healthy and safe!

Claire Morgan is a marketing consultant and lecturer who, thanks to her integrated approach to business,  stands behind many digital strategies of renowned brands. She enjoys travelling and passionately blogs about the latest marketing and lifestyle trends.

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