Are Ozone Air Purifiers Safe For Pets?

  • 21/12/2020

Air purifiers have lots of advantages. They can be beneficial to people who suffer from allergies or if they have asthma. Having an air purifier in a baby’s bedroom will allow them to breathe clean air, helping them get a good night's sleep. There are lots of different types of air purifiers on the market today. Small units are designed to purify the air in a small room and whole-house purifiers can purify the air of an entire house. Many people decide to purchase an air purifier for their homes to ensure they, and their families breathe in healthy air. However, many worry if they can cause dangers to their pets.

What Type Of Air Purifiers Are Safe For Pets?

Most air purifiers are safe for both people and pets. However, if the device emits ozone byproducts, it can cause harm to animals. Some air purifiers are designed differently and have different technology built into them. There are air purifiers that emit ozone gases and others that don’t. If you have a pet at home you should find out if the air purifier produces ozone gases, and you should stay away from ones that even produce small quantities. They can cause serious harm to animals, especially if they suffer from respiratory issues.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a colourless, unstable gas that is found in our atmosphere that occurs naturally. It also occurs at ground level unnaturally. Ozone is an important gas in the world's atmosphere that works as a protective layer. It protects the planet from the sun’s harmful UV rays. At ground level, ozone can have dangerous effects on the respiratory system. The EPA claims that ozone gases can have dangerous effects on our lungs.

Benefits Of Having An Air Purifier For Pet Owners

Pets, like dogs have an incredible sense of smell. Just like us, pets don’t enjoy smelling bad odours. Air purifiers don’t just help reduce bad toxins in the air, but they also give your home a fresh smell. There are lots of different fragrances that you can buy that leave your home smelling great. Clean air is very important for pets, especially if they suffer from respiratory problems. Choosing the right air purifier for your home will be beneficial for you, your family, and your pets.

Which Air Purifier Should Pet Owners Buy?

Nowadays, air purifiers are very popular. They come in all different shapes and sizes. You can purchase a small air purifier for under $50, or you can get a whole-house air purifier from around $500 to $2,500.

There are ionizers available that help kill bacteria, mold, and fungus, so the room is full of pure oxygen. However excess of this gas can be harmful to some pets. If you have a pet bird an ionizer can be very dangerous.

HEPA filters are commonly used in air purifiers. They can help trap dangerous particles in the air like pet dander, smoke from tobacco, and dust. An air purifier that uses  HEPA filters is very good for you and your pet's health. HEPA filters for pet fur and odours help eliminate smells and hairs caused by animals.

Some air purifiers use a carbon-based filter that absorbs bad smells. They can be very useful to help get rid of the bad odors that your pets give off.

Air Purifiers Can Help Kill Harmful Insects In Your Home

Your house might be at risk of dangerous insects like mosquitoes. They can cause many different health issues. Malaria and dengue fever kills millions of people each year. Some of these insects can cause illnesses to animals. Air purifiers can help kill these poisonous insects reducing the risk of you, your family, and your pets getting sick.

Air Purifiers Can Help Your Pets Sleep Better

A room with contaminated air can affect you and your pets sleep. If your pet has lung problems or other types of respiratory issues, an air purifier might prove to be a great purchase and keep your pet healthy and happy.

Where Should I Put An Air Purifier?

If you have dogs running around your home, make sure that you put the air purifier in a safe place. In the corner of the room could be your best option as it won’t get in the way of your pet. You can get the best out of your air purifier by putting it close to an air conditioning vent. Make sure that you don’t put it under furniture or behind a curtain as you won’t be able to get the full potential out of the device.

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