An Introduction To CBD Oil For Dogs

  • 15/03/2021

Let’s be pretty honest here, I know you know cannabis. And even if the slightest chance of you not knowing it does exist (despite the world debating day and night about this plant), I’m pretty sure that you’ve come across one time another – be it on TV, the internet, or maybe a magazine. For all you know, you might even have one planted in your backyard! Don’t worry, I won’t tell on you.

Kidding aside, Cannabis is the scientific name of the Marijuana plant. Now that you’ve heard “marijuana,” I think everything else is flashing back to you now. The news that came on TV about a cannabis buy-bust operation a month ago, the weed pie recipe you attentively watched a week ago, and maybe even the joint you rolled and smoked ala gangsta just this morning – Yep, it’s all coming back now. However, we’re not here to talk about the number of times you’ve encountered the big MJ. We’re here to talk about something else.

Something that pet lovers like you and me ought to know about.

The marijuana plant is made up of over 113 cannabinoids (see reference). These cannabinoids have long been researched for their promising possibilities, especially in the medical field. CBD or Cannabidiol, our topic of discussion for today, is one out of the 113 cannabinoids currently known to man. It’s also one that may help your dear Scruffy even out the battle with some of the deadliest animal diseases.

But I’m pretty sure your initial reaction when I proposed to have your pet take CBD, is this: What lunacy are you thinking about trying to get my lovely dog high on drugs? Well, I expected you to react as much. It’s exactly how I reacted when I was oblivious to the facts. So from one pet lover to another, allow me to free you from the stress caused by misconstrued information:

Is My Pet Going To Get High From Cannabidiol?

Long answer short, NO. Your pet isn’t going to get high taking CBD products such as Cannabis Supplements for Pets. It just doesn’t work that way. The only psychoactive compound present in cannabis that is enough to meddle with your brain and thoughts is THC – that’s short for Tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s very different from CBD. They only have one similar letter – and they’re not even placed the same way – so you’ve got to believe me! Aside from THC, other cannabinoids are harmless. They’re not strong enough to get you high or make you go crazy. Your pets, too, can ingest cannabidiol safely.

Does It Risk My Dog Of Overdose?

Well, your question is similar to something I’ve been asked before “Is the earth going to stop revolving around its axis?” Okay. That’s about enough sarcasm for today. What I’m saying is that there is astronomically no real chance your pet is going to get an overdose from drinking CBD oil. It’s not going to happen. In fact, your pet is going to puke from all the oil before something drastic like that even happens. On top of the psychoactive compound not being present in CBD products, cannabidiol actually helps restore balance in your furry friend’s body. CBD has been found to aid animals in achieving homeostasis, which refers to our body’s state of equilibrium. Every day, human and animal bodies thrive to achieve this equilibrium. CBD simply helps facilitate the process; make it faster and more effective.

Is CBD toxic for my pet?

As far as research goes, there is no apparent level of toxicity associated with cannabidiol. It’s generally safe because (1) it contains no psychoactive element like THC which can possibly hamper your pet’s brain activity and (2) the CBD used in pet products are often derived from hemp which is known to have some of the lowest THC levels. So even if the rare chance that THC is incorporated into CBD-based pet medicine (whether intentionally or by mistake), it still won’t be much. It wouldn’t be enough to get your pet high or intoxicated.

When you look at all these facts, you should realise by now that there is more merit to using CBD-sourced medicine than there is a danger. CBD has been studied to improve the condition of pets suffering from chronic pain, dysplasia, and even cancer. I don’t know about you but it’s definitely worth a try.

Further reading material can be found at Simply Pets CBD Oil Reviews.

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Comments (2)

Said this on 28/10/2019 At 10:12 am

Looking for cbd capsules for my dogs persistent cough for months.  Could be collapsed trachea.  Antibiotics or steroids don't work 

Said this on 28/10/2019 At 10:10 am

My dog has been coughing for months.  I ve tried antibiotics and steroids. No good.  I m looking for  cbd capsules 

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