7 Super-Fun Sports You And Your Dog Can Take Part In

  • 20/03/2019

Taking part in fun sports with your dog can create a great bonding experience. If such sports include agility training, then it could offer a more productive adventure to boost your dog’s mental and physical strength. Some of the best fun sports activities you should consider for yourself and the dog are;

• Flyball.

• The Sheepdog Trials.

• Dock-diving.

• Lure Coursing.

• The Disc Dog.

• Terrier trials, and

• Agility sports

1.     The Flyball sports

This is the ideal sports if your dog loves chasing balls. Simply put, the flyball is a relay-race type of sports for dogs and their owners. The dog will simply have to run and jump over some hurdles to reach a tennis ball that you have to throw up.

Your dog will also step on a soft pad in order to catch a ball and once the ball is retrieved the dog runs back to the starting point. Flyball is suitable for all dog breeds and that is why it remains one of the most popular. As a good Dog Product Picker, you want to choose dog hurdles that are not too high for your dog to jump over.

2.     The Sheepdog Trials

The sheepdog trial is a fine sport for dog owners who have a small herd of sheep. All your dog has to do here is to herd a small flock of sheep and ensure that the sheep return to the pen. The dog may have to run around some obstacle courses and over some bridges, in order to achieve this feat.

You may want to indulge your dog is another version of sheepdog trials, known as “Shredding”. In this case, the dog will have to separate the herd of sheep into two separate groups and ensure that each group is led into their pens. This sport is particularly suitable for the border collie and several other herding dog breeds.

3.     The Agility sports

These are some of the most challenging sports for all dogs. In this case, you need to train your dog to run through some complicated obstacles and you need to time the completion of the task as well as the accuracy of completion. The obstacles you can take your dog through to improve her agility include; weave poles, tunnels, hurdles, and pyramids. This sport will challenge your dog’s mind and ability to surmount obstacles. You may want to run through these obstacles just to teach your dog the way to go about it. Agility sports are ideal for all breeds of dogs because it boosts their mental alertness plus their core strength.

4.     The Dock Diving

This is one aquatic sport that was discovered in the year 1997 and it normally involves your dog competing against other dogs in a series of competitions. All you have to do is to place your dog on an elevated platform and then signal to her to jump inside the water while an inflatable pad is wrapped around her body.  In this competition, the dog that jumps the farthest wins the contest.

Though all breeds of dogs can partake in this competition breeds like Labrador and Golden Retrievers are more popular with it. This is an ideal dog sport you can indulge in with your dog, especially if she likes water.

5.     The Lure Coursing

This is a sport where you allow your dog to run after a mechanical lure. You need to determine the distance your dog need to cover to catch up with the mechanical lure- in most cases 1000 yards must be enough.

The mechanical lure is made to create an illusion of prey and your dog will be judged based on her speed, agility, and enthusiasm. This is perhaps the best sports for dog breeds such as the Hound and most especially the Afghan hound, whippets, Greyhounds, and Scottish deerhounds.

6.     The Disc Dog sports

Disc dog sport is one of the earliest sports for dogs and it is an ideal sport that will challenge your dog and yourself. If you enjoy throwing discs in the air while allowing your dog to catch it, then this is one great option for you.

The first part is the “Toss and Fetch” while the other is the Freestyle. With the toss and fetch, you should throw discs at long distances for the first few minutes and watch your dog run, and jump to fetch it. You can score your dog based on how many discs she catches.

In the Freestyle version, you and your dog have to team up against others and you will be scored based on the number of throws you made and the number of catches your dog makes.

7.     Terrier Trials

This is a steeplechase game for terriers and it is quite fast in nature. The aim is to allow your dog to chase a piece of fur around an obstacle course. In most cases, several dogs are involved and the one who gets to the finish line first is the winner.

 This sport is most suitable for the little terrier as well as the Jack Russel breeds. It is a sport that helps keep your dog mentally fit and physically challenged.

In conclusion, it is important to watch the response of your dog to any sports you choose, especially in the first few minutes. Some breeds of dogs may seem healthy but unable to match the vigour, speed, and intensities of certain sports. For this reason, you may want to start on low intensity and gradually increase it if you notice your dog is finding it easy to cope.

In addition to the numerous sports highlighted above, you may also want to look at other sports such as Obedience trials, and Earth dog trials. These are trials that can boost your dog’s ability to hunt and scavenge and her ability to lead a rescue in times of danger. These sports can also help your dog to navigate her way through especially when she gets a loss or when she is alone and has no one to cater to her needs. 

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