10 Things That Make You A Good Pet Parent

  • 02/04/2020
pet-parenting.jpgAdopting a pet is a considerable commitment and responsibility, but at the same time, it is gratifying and exciting as well. However, for people who are adopting their first pet, the situation may also bring along some insecurities.

Many people worry that they won't be able to take care of their pets properly; therefore, we have created a list of things that you need to do to become an excellent pet parent. Keep reading to learn more.

Do some research before getting your pet:

The first thing you need to do before you adopt a pet is research. You need to figure out what kind of pet is suitable for your home. After you have chosen a pet, you need to learn about their behavior, diet, and overall method for their care so that when the pet arrives, you are ready. Reading this post will be quite helpful, but you should also find some that are explicitly related to the kind of pet you are adopting.

Additionally, don't forget to check if anyone in your home is allergic to any animal.

Keep them comfortable:

To be a good pet parent, you need to ensure that your home is convenient for the pet, this means that you should make a spot for them to sit. If you have a pet dog or cat, then make them a resting and sleeping spot in a courteous and warm part of the home, so that they don't have to sit on the cold floors.

Moreover, make sure that their water bowl is always filled, furthermore, especially in the case of a pet dog, you need to make sure that the environment is not noisy. Since dogs have more sensitive ears, loud noises can be very troublesome for them.

Make sure that the environment is safe:

Safety should be one of your top priorities when you are adopting a pet, firstly, make sure that hazardous foods like chocolate and candy are kept out of their reach. Secondly, the pet's play area shouldn't have any power outlets or electrical cords that could shock it, and lastly, also keep cleaning equipment out of reach.

Keep your pet active:

Like humans, exercise is also quite essential for animals; however, when staying inside a home, pets don't get much of a chance to be active. Therefore, you must take your dog out for a walk every day. If you have a cat, play with them for a while and promote them to get active.

Maintain proper hygiene:

If you have a pet in your home, then cleanliness is essential, both for you and the pet. Most zoonotic diseases are caused as a direct result of poor health. Therefore, make sure that your pets aren't allowed in the kitchen where you prepare your food.

More importantly, be extra careful while cleaning the litter of your pet. For your cat, you should look for metal litter boxes that are easy to clean.  Furthermore, bathe your pet regularly and keep them clean to avoid diseases and other problems.

Schedule regular visit to the vet:

Regular checkups with a vet are essential for any pet; therefore, before you adopt one, find a qualified vet that you can trust. Moreover, since it is quite evident that your pets can't tell you when something is wrong, you will need to learn about different symptoms. This will allow you to identify any problems and visit the vet in time

Train your pet:

Some pet owners believe that their pets will start to behave on their own when they grow up. Though they might become calmer and learn some traits on their own, they need to be trained. You should start training your pet when it is young, which will help you a lot in the future, and when you train your pet yourself, you will develop a secure and unique connection with it.

Ensure healthy nutrition:

Taking care of your pets' diet is an essential part of their care. Therefore, don't just buy the pet food that is on sale and cheap, instead look into different options and choose a type that has everything that your pet needs.

ID your pet properly:

To be a responsible parent to your pet, you need to ID them properly. Your pet should have a collar tag with your phone number and address on it so that in case it is lost; it can be returned to you. These days you can also have microchips implanted to your pets so that you can track them if needed.

Trim your pet's nails:

Long nails can be quite painful for your pet, they can make it difficult for them to walk, and they can even lead to joint issues. Therefore, make sure that you regularly trim your pet's nails.

So, some basic things will make you an excellent pet parent if you follow them. That's all, and we hope you found this post helpful and informative.

Author’s bio:

This post is written by Taylor Starc, who is an animal behaviorist and a certified pet trainer. He has been working at Animal Training Academy in Montreal for ten years now. Apart from his professional life, he likes to read and write blogs in his leisure time. You can read some of his best pieces at https://obeymycat.com/.

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