10 Best Dog Beds Details For Your Dog

  • 28/08/2018

Every dog needs a comfy place to rest after a long day of running, jumping and engaging in a playdate. Just like humans dogs need plenty of sleep in order to stay healthy and maintain a great mood all through the day.

Most dogs spend most of their time in bed than anywhere else. Matter of fact dogs spend up to 12-24 hours each day in bed. Puppies and older dogs need about 18-20 hours of rest Dogs to maintain a regular schedule of sleep and need excellent support and comfort.

Dogs practically sleep anywhere; on the porch, on your bed, in your laundry basket or even in a pile of dirt It is important to find space for your dog to sleep, this includes finding out your dog’s preferred sleeping position.  An ideal dog bed should be big enough for your dog to lay comfortably in any position - especially when stretched out.

A stylish cosy dog bed adds a beautiful touch to any home. However there very many types and brands of dog beds, out there and choosing the right type can be a bit confusing  In order to help you in your decision making we have comprised a comprehensive guide to choosing the right dog bed for you.

Important considerations that a dog owner should consider before choosing the right dog bed include the following:

  • Type of material
  • What type of material is inside the mattress
  • Durability
  • Size of dog
  • Age of your dog
  • Style and preferences
  • Special needs for your dog including injuries and bone problems
  • Ease of cleaning: especially machine wash
  • Waterproof features
  • Budget

Have a look at the big barker vs kopeks here you can get 3 disturbing little secrets about dog beds.

Top 10 bed choices for your dog:

The most common dog beds are standard cushion beds. They are basically cushioned beds, they usually come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Standard cushion beds are useful for all dog breeds especially larger and medium dogs. For dogs that love stretching out, these types of beds are comfy with an extra layer of comfort. Standard beds sometimes have raised edges that help with anxiety in some dog breeds.

1. Orthopaedic memory foam

These types of dog beds provide a strong, comfortable support for your canine. Orthopaedic beds maintain your dog's shape as they sleep and rest.

Orthopaedic beds are great for older dogs or dogs with medical conditions such as arthritis or hip problems like dysplasia. Dense padding is best for dogs with joint pains Most brands of orthopaedic beds come with waterproof internal covers protects the foam.

Orthopaedic memory foams are usually made of thick material that conforms to your dog’s physical form. The material acts as a support mechanism for dogs with joint aches.  Orthopaedic beds sell at a premium but they can last up to 15 years.

2. Pillow Dog Bed

Dog pillows are great for dogs that love to curl up as they catch up with much-needed rest that they need. Most pillow beds are stuffed with cotton or foam that makes them soft and comfortable for dogs. Pillows are very flexible and can be moved easily all around the house or around the kennel.  

Pillow dog beds are usually rectangular shaped with an ultra-soft lining that makes the surface super comfy. The exterior design can be easily customised for some brands of pillow beds, the design can add a beautiful touch to your decor any day.

3. Doughnut beds

These types of beds mirror real life doughnuts in terms of shape. They are suited for smaller dogs that may from time to time need extra warm during the colder periods of the year. If you have a dog that prefers to sleep on their back, they prefer a doughnut bed which they can sink into during their bedtime

4. Elevated beds

A raised bed is great for dogs living in warm environments Dogs do not have sweat pores and can get really hot when sleeping. Elevated beds usually have breathable mesh design An elevated bed provides an avenue for airflow that helps in regulating airflow.  Elevated beds are usually perched 5-10 inches off the ground and designed to be simple to clean.

5. Cave bed

Unlike regular beds, cave beds have a cover that acts as a blanket or hood for any dog when sleeping. Cave beds are well suited for dogs that like to burrow as the hooded bit provides comfort and warmth. Most cave beds are designed for smaller dogs who suffer from anxiety. Cave beds are usually made from different types of materials with the common choice being soft fleece material.

6. Cuddler bed

A cuddler bed is great for small dogs that love to snuggle when asleep. They have a softer design that wraps the dog, providing a secure spot for sleeping. The walls are usually puffy but can sag if a dog actively chews on it.

7. Bolster bed

Bolster beds provide a great bed for your dog to rest their head. They have raised edges around the sides Bolster beds are available in different sizes and various colours and the outer portion is normally machine washable.

8.Heated dog beds

Dogs do not have to bear the bitter winter cold any more thanks to heated dog beds. These beds have an internal heating system that keeps the surface warm. Heated beds are also great for dogs with joint pains and older dogs. Smaller dogs that easily lose heat will also benefit from a heated bed. There are cooling beds that help dogs tackle overheating. These beds usually have a gel-based surface that helps reduce temperatures for your dog.

9. Outdoor beds

Dogs may sometimes prefer to rest in the backyard on a warm summer afternoon. Most models have a sturdy design that accommodates heavier dogs. Outdoor beds are often made of a waterproof material which is easy to clean and maintain.

10. Nest Dog Beds

Nest dog beds look like couches and are great for smaller breeds and cuddlers. They feature a comfortable high-walled nest surrounded by plastic rims. Nest dog beds are suited for dogs that love to curl while sleeping.

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