Beauceron - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Beauceron

  • 30/11/2010

Beauceron - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Beauceron By Ricardo Lumbardo

One of France's most beloved and ancient dogs, the Beauceron resembles the German Shepherd with its threatening appearance. This breed is one of France's pride pure breeds which dates back the late 16th century. They are invariably black with hints of tan, and very muscular. The hind legs of Beaucerons make them distinct, with double dewclaw on each foot - thus, they seem have six toes.


The Beauceron's coat is relatively short and coarse, with a length just over one inch. They have characteristic markings on several spots in their body, usually underneath or along the muzzles, on their legs, near tails and on the chest. They have a fine, grey undercoat which is completely covered by their overcoat.


Beaucerons are bred to become herding dogs - they are thus, outdoor dogs. This means that they have to spend lots of time outdoors. They need long walks, they love being taken on bike rides, fetching games, even swimming and other strenuous activities. Beaucerons have long-reaching strides, and have strong, effortless movement.


This breed is know for its combination of frankness and reservation. They do not usually become aggressive or violent when confronted with a stranger. They are known to have strong leadership capabilities. This means that they can have the tendency to assume a higher place than you, which may also mean some tendency towards aggressive behavior or lack of respect when not trained properly. Beaucerons also tend to be protective, so hostile strangers may be seen as a threat. Teasing or harming the Beauceron might not be taken well, so make sure to address discipline problems through proper training.


Beaucerons generally do not require much grooming. Their dewclaws will need some trimming a few times a month, but they don't usually grow that long. However, the Beauceron has a great outdoor lifestyle, and they can sometimes go inside the house smelly and dirty. So, although it does not require that much grooming for health reasons, you have to groom it frequently for the sake of cleanliness in your home, and your health.


Beaucerons are very trainable, and is actually one of the most impressive breeds when trained well. When trained, they can be noble, helpful and imposing, and will cause very few problems when it comes to discipline. However, training a Beauceron will take some hard work. It will be worth hiring a professional trainer to make sure you take full advantage of this dog breed. Training this breed will take up a lot of your time, and should be done early on before it learns to chew on your sofa. When training, you have to be consistent, firm and patient.


The Beauceron is a faithful, gentle, intelligent, obedient and trainable breed. Beaucerons are very active and agile, and would appreciate being assigned tasks. He is always eager to learn and can be trained, but might show independent thinking time and again. Beaucerons display a mix of gentleness and fearlessness; its protective (aggressive) behavior must be noted.

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