Australian Cattle Dog - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Australian Cattle Dog

  • 30/11/2010

Australian Cattle Dog - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Australian Cattle Dog By ricardo lumbardo

The Australian Cattle dog, also known as the Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, and Queensland Heller, is a herding breed developed in Australia for moving cattles. Their average weight is between 35-45 pounds, and they are 17-20 inches tall.


The Australian Cattle Dog has a double coat. Their outer coat is short, flat and straight, is resistant to rain; while the undercoat is kinky but dense. The color of their coat comes in red, blue, speckle, blue-mottled, or blue speckle. The blue coat has specks of blue, black, or tan. Puppies are born white, though. But the mature coat color is usually seen in the pads of their paws.


The American Cattle Dog is a very active breed. The owner must be committed to exercise this breed frequently. This breed makes a great biking and running companions, but never over exert a young dog, as extensive activity might ruin their joints. They do best in rural setting or in families with large fenced yard. It is important that owners give them the sufficient amount of activity, as they tend to be restless, and vicious if not given the enough stimulation.


The Australian Cattle Dogs, as with other working dogs, have active minds, and works best with a job to do. These dogs are known to be determined, and bold, with their known quality to be naturally protective. Intelligent and independent, they tend to be stubborn and seem to have limitless energy. They are said to be more silent than most of the other breed. Excellent with their family's little ones, they may not be as great as with other children since they may think of playful wrestling as a threat.


Bred for herding abilities, toughness, and endurance, the Australian Cattle Dog is recognized as one of the three most popular breeds in Australia.


The Australian Cattle Dog requires brushing once a week to maintain the coat's cleanliness, and remove dead hair. Nails should be checked and clipped regularly as necessary. In keeping their coats healthy, a routine combing with a firm bristle brush, and good nutrition are needed.

There are different recommendations in how often should Australian Cattle Dogs be bathed. Some suggests regular bathing, others insist bathed only when necessary. But in the end, what matters is what is right for them. Every dog's needs may vary. To those who bathe the dog only when needed, brushing once a week is advised.


Extremely obedient and intelligent, these dogs are not responsive to harsh handling. Training with firmness, praise, consistency, and patience is crucial. Intensive socialization and obedience training as early as possible are imperative for the Australian Cattle Dogs. Their high intelligence makes them excellent obedience trainees. But beware, with their high intelligence comes stubbornness, as they tend to be manipulative to get what they want.


The Australian Cattle Dog is alert, strong, agile, and compact. They are trustworthy, exceedingly devoted, and courageous to the tasks they are given. With the combination of balance, power, substance, and hard muscular state makes them an excellent working and herding breed.

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