Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog Table Scraps

  • 23/10/2017
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Whether you are having a party at home or even if your dog knows to make the most ‘poor baby’ eyes, table scraps must not be fed to dogs.

Many people often fall for what is known as ‘misplaced kindness’. What seems like gestures of love initially eventually turns out to be potentially poisonous for the dog.

The logic is quite simple, the way you cannot eat a canine meal, the canine is also not supposed to eat your meal. And as much as your heart breaks to say no to those adorable eyes looking for food, remember it will only do more harm than good.

It is usually better when you establish a rule right from the beginning; the dog is not allowed to eat scraps at the meal table. Our meals are too fatty, too oily and have way more salt and seasoning than what a dog is supposed to consume. A canine’s digestive system is not designed for this and will take to falling ill with severe stomach upsets etc.

Why are table scraps bad for your dog?

Our food usually has more oil, fatty substances, more salt that can potentially cause some serious health problems for the dogs. They can very often get sick with diarrhoea; vomiting and may sometimes even get affected by pancreatitis. Also, the coat of your dog can also get affected with the salt or sugar consumption.

There are also many food components that may seem like regular food to us but are highly toxic to the dogs like onions.

More importantly, constantly feeding dogs on table scraps causes behavioural problems too. The dogs then refuse to eat their own food and can also lead to constant begging at the dinner table. 

Dos and Don’ts about feeding dogs

1)    No feeding junk food

As much as your dog may want, they are never ever to be fed junk food. No fries, chips, pizzas or other leftover junk that may have high salt or preservatives. If you must feed your dog table scraps, make sure they are healthy options. You can feed them bakes potato, plain rice, oatmeal, cooked chicken or turkey, finely chopped vegetables or certain fruits etc. These foods will not cause as much harm to their system, though this behaviour should be discouraged as a habit.

2)    Keep the portions moderate

If your dog has already had his meal then make sure you do not feed them too much, else they might just end up vomiting. Otherwise, you can make sure the quantity of their meal is adjusted according to the food fed at the table. Else they will end up gaining weight. Your dog will be requiring their regular food for their caloric intake, so make sure you do not feed him too much of table scraps as a habit. The key is to maintain a balance.

Toxic Foods a big ‘No No’

There are certain foods which are potentially dangerous to dogs. As simple as they may seem, they can cause huge health hazards. Never feed your dog things like onions, cooked bones, and walnuts, pits of fruits, raisins, grapes, or chocolates.

Always remember, it may feel like you are breaking their heart, but it is only for their good.

Author Bio

This post was contributed by Pete Decker, the Lead Editor at The Goody Pet. Pete loves to share his passion for pets through snippets of interesting and helpful information. You can find more of Pete at his website, Twitter or Facebook

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