Why You Should Buy Personalised Dog Tags Online

  • 07/02/2017

Personalised dog tags are one of the best gifts you could possibly get for your furry little friends. Not only could it help your cat or dog be located and returned home, but it could also help save their life if they have a serious medical condition. These tags are common, easy to find, and fun to personalise. You can customise them in countless different ways, including shape, size, colour, adding pictures, and adding text.

You always have the option of buying the standard dog tag that you find at most pet stores. They may even let you choose a shape and put in a few lines of text, but that is usually where the customisation ends. The best personalised dog tags are found online. The tags you order online have a lot of customisation options available. And that's only one of the many benefits of purchasing a personalised tag online.

1. High Level Of Customisation.

This was briefly mentioned already, but it deserves some more attention. The level of customisation available online is outstanding compared to what you find available in the average pet store. Most pet stores that sell dog tags allow for only a couple of different options.

- You can choose from between 3 and 5 different shapes.

- You can input the dog's name.

- You can input your location and phone number.

That is about all of the customisation you'll get at a pet store. In addition if you think about the name of the dog and the contact details aren't really "customisations". They are the main reason you buy the dog tag.  What kind of personalisation options are available online?

- You can choose from hundreds of shapes.

- Choose the exact colour you want for the shape.

- The option of adding a photograph to the dog tag.

- Input dog's name and all of your contact information.

- Input any additional lines of text that will fit on the chosen shape.

All of these available options are what make online tags truly customisable. And the ability to add the extra lines of text are what bring up the second benefit.

2. Alert Finders Of Medical Conditions.

What happens if someone finds the animal, but they aren't able to get in touch with you immediately? They might need to keep the animal safe for a short period of time. Unfortunately, this can be a serious risk if the dog has an existing medical condition. For example, what if the dog has diabetes and requires regular medication? The finder will have no way of knowing this until something goes wrong.

However, with personalised dog tags, you can add all of the extra information that is necessary. If your dog does have diabetes, then you can simply add a line that says, "Diabetes “requires medication" or something of the sort. They may then take the dog immediately to a vet's office where it can be cared for professionally while attempting to make contact.

3. Can Be Cheaper.

Despite the increased level of customisation, buying a personalised dog tag online is usually cheaper than buying one in a pet store. Pet stores typically charge to purchase the tag and then charge a very high fee to add the contact information to the tag. In contrast, when purchasing online you pay a single flat rate. The only additional fee may be shipping and handling, but depending where you purchase the tag you may even get that for free.

Looks Good And Saves Lives.

As you can see, not only do personalised tags look great, but they can save the lives of pets. Don't waste your money buying expensive tags from the store that only let you add a name and address. They are cheaper online and have a greater variety of customisation options.

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