Why Is It Good For Older People To Have A Dog?

  • 29/01/2018

When a person has retired or faced some difficulties at this age, in this case, pets for the elderly people may be the best option. Retirement is a time when the life of most old people changes drastically, thus the number of people he/she used to communicate with can also be reduced. Dogs for senior people can help to find a new meaning of life for them.

How can dogs for elderly help?

In many cases, a dog may transform into the best and loyal friend of a lonely elder person. A pet brings peace and joy to a house, improves their health and moral conditions. Many elder people do understand that their best part of life is left behind and this can make them get depressed. That is why they need more positive emotions, which can dog care give them. Dogs can naturally influence the emotional condition of people positively as well as fix their feeling of loneliness. Many pensioners live alone, that is why it is essential to fill in the gap of their lives. Pets sincerely love their owners without any reason that is why elderly feel that they are needed. Having tamed a dog, pensioners get new daily duties like walking, petting and feeding their pets. These duties help them to continue having an active lifestyle, creating new plans and being on the go all the time.



Finding the best dogs for old people 

When choosing a dog, you should keep in mind the fact that different breeds have different characters, habits and tempers, thus you should choose the one that is similar to you. If you are active, then your dog should also be playful and energetic. On the contrary, calm people should choose small and quiet breeds. It is said that pets have a therapeutic effect on their owners; especially they influence the immune system greatly.

Many pensioners prefer having small dogs. This is a good option as big breeds are very hard to care of, and even strong adults sometimes cannot cope with them. You may have several options here, to search for dogs for adoption or just buy them from a specialized pet shop. Thus, which dogs are ideal for elderly?


  • Pug

These small dogs like attention and their favourite activities are sitting on their owners’ knees while they are reading or watching TV.

  • Scottish terrier

This breed grows up to 6-9kg. They are also very clever and sociable but need long walks on a daily basis. Scottish terrier can become a great companion for a lonely person.

  • Shih Tzu

This breed originates from Tibet. They prefer living in comfortable conditions and are distinguished by long hair, which needs good daily care.

  • Yorkshire terrier

These are miniature longhaired dogs, which spend most time lying on the sofas. They also need hair care, but if you do not have enough time, you can have it cut.

  • Cocker spaniel

You can easily recognize cocker spaniels by their hungry eyes, curly hair and playful character. This could be an ideal variant for pensioners. However, this breed tends to get extra weight very easily, thus you should have an eye on this.

  • Chihuahua

These are tiny, but quite noisy dogs that can transform into ideal companion for anyone. What is more, you can take them with you wherever you want to go.

  • Pekingese

The main feature of this breed are bulging eyes. They like having short, but regular walks. The hair care is not very difficult, but you should pay careful attention to the eyes care of this breed because of their peculiarities.

  • Pomeranian

Pomeranians are small, but very brave dogs, which will be an ideal variant for those who have retired. They are perfect companions although they look like small teddy bears. As you may see, their hair is quite long that is why they need good hair care.

Dogs are ideal companions for those who begin a new life after retirement. Of course, if we speak of dog years to human years, it is 7:1. However, you can do your best to enjoy this time together. Frankly, they will love you more than they love themselves. Just remember that you can buy whatever dog you want, but it is only your love, which can make its tail to wag.

BIO: Joshua Robinson is a prolific young freelance writer, who has worked for  https://essayontime.com.au/ for about 6 years. He is a passionate traveller and discoverer, who has visited more than 10 countries. Besides, he has three dogs and two cats at home.

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