What To Do Before And After Bathing A Puppy

  • 21/10/2016

Bathing a puppy can be a fun thing or unpleasant if not done properly. It's important to do the proper preparation and proper planning, especially if this is the first time you bathe a puppy

The right age to bathe a dog for the first time is 12 weeks or 3 months. The next question is how often can you bathe a puppy? Whether you're allowed to bathe a puppy every day? The answer is NO.

A puppy doesn't need to be bathed frequently. They only need to be bathed once a month. And of course, with a dog shampoo.

Do not use human shampoo because the pH balance of human Skin and animals are different, also it didn’t clean the dirty dog skin thoroughly. In addition, often wash a dog can eliminate the natural oils on dog skin, it can cause irritation and itching due to dry skin.


What preparation needs to be done before you bathe a puppy? First of all,  prepare tools that you'll be used for bathing, Then put it on the sink near to you, so you can reach it easily when an accident happens. for example your puppy eyes irritated because the shampoo into the eyes, then you can easily use a towel to clean it up

Preparation to do :

  • Prepare the water to a lukewarm temperature (to make sure you can touch it with your hands to feel the temperature of the water)
  • Mild and organic shampoo specifically for puppies
  • Soft towel to absorb water easily,
  • Rubber mat that makes footing your puppy is not slippery, also it can reduce your puppy get panicked when bathing,
  • Dryer to keep the body warm, and ensure the dog's fur completely dries

Bath Time

Brush or comb your dog with a special soft comb for dogs, especially if your puppy-type dog has thick fur. Its function is to remove dead hair and mats, so it can regenerate and stimulate the growth of new fur.

Keep calm, slow, and relaxed do not rush or hurry. Fill the sink with 3 or 5 inches of lukewarm water, then flush the lukewarm water into the entire body, gently massage while shampooing your puppy, doing the head area for the last task. Rinse well until there's no residue of shampoo on your puppy skin


After the bath is finished, immediately dry you furbaby with a soft towel, you can use a dryer to make sure your dog stays warm and ensuring their fur dries well. Use the lowest mode program, and keep the distance so it is not too close to the dog's skin to prevent burning dog fur and leather.


How to make a puppy bath time is easy depending on how you handle the situation. If you can control the situation properly,  then bathing a puppy will be easy and successful. An Introduction is the first step and basic but it should be done properly. This step builds emotions of your puppy, the right introduction is to build a good mood of your puppy to make the next step easier.

Bio :

Jay Lim is the founder www.dogscabin.com, His simple philosophy is to learn while sharing. based on experience and thorough research, he put it in writing in articles about dogs on his blog site dedicated to providing information, guidance, care, health, and all things related about dogs.

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